10 Years After – 217


We arrived at Danton’s mansion while we discussed it.

My eye immediately went to the hole in the wall that I had made. I would have to start by fixing that.


And so I went through the hole and moved towards the dining hall where the others were waiting.

Shia, Nia, Serulis, Luchila and the children were all gathered there as well.

This had probably been done because it was an emergency.


“Locke! What happened?”

“We killed the intruder…but I opened a hole in your wall.”

“Don’t worry about any holes.”


I carefully handed over Lord Gerberga to Luchila.


“I thought he might be safer with me, and so I took him with us.”

“Yes, I know. Thank you for protecting him.”



Luchila held Lord Gerberga and petted him gently.

And then I turned to Danton and the other chiefs.


“There is something that I must talk to you all about… But I will go and fix the wall first.”

“Locke. Are you afraid that there might be more?”

“It’s possible.”


Of course, a wall wouldn’t make much of a difference if it was a dark wraith.

That being said, we had many enemies. So a wall was still important.


“I intend to fill the hole up quickly for now. I hope you don’t mind?”

“I don’t… But I don’t know if we have any materials…”

“Don’t worry about that. I still have some materials left from when I did repairs in my mansion.”

“I will help you too!”

“And me!”

“Me too!”

“So will I!”


Shia, Serulis, Nia, and Luchila all offered to help.


“Are you going to use magic as well? Then I will help.”

“I will do what I can.”

“Thank you.”


Kathe and Mors would also help me.


“Good. Alright, Shia and Serulis, you lay the bricks. Luchila and Nia. You do the mortar.”




I took the materials out of the magic bag and we started to fill up the hole.

I had fixed quite a few walls in my life now.

Danton also tried to help, but he saw that we knew what we were doing, and so he left us alone.

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