10 Years After – 219




Grulf barked in surprise. Then he lay down like a cat and hid his front paws under him.


“Don’t worry. We’re not going to pull them out by the roots. We just want to clip them a little.”


“It won’t hurt. There won’t even be any blood.”



Grulf hesitatingly presented his front paws.

Kathe and Mors inspected them. His claws were not very long.


“They are quite short.”

“Maybe they’ve been worn down from all the running he does…”

“If we took all the nails we’d need…”

His paws would probably bleed. Of course, Mors did not say it out loud, as it would scare Grulf.



However, it seemed like Grulf had sensed what Mors had left unsaid.

He lay down and covered his front paws once again.


“Don’t worry. We won’t do anything that will hurt.”


I patted Grulf of the head to comfort him.

Even if it was necessary, I didn’t want to do anything to hurt Grulf.


“I’ll call Philly and ask if she can give us a little bit of her Philosopher’s Stones.”

“Yes, that is the only thing to do.”


Lord Gerberga suddenly clucked in my arms.


“Lord Gerberga? What is it?”



Lord Gerberga turned his head around and plucked a single feather from his back.

He held it in his beak and then clucked again with a nod.


“Lord Gerberga, are you going to give that to us?”


“Thank you. Did that hurt?”


“Lord Gerberga molts too. So it was probably a feather that was going to fall out anyway.”

“I see.”



And so Lord Gerberga gave us 5 of his feathers.


“Lord Gerberga! You saved us!”

“Thank you, Lord Gerberga.”



Lord Gerberga looked quite happy by Kathe and Mors’s gratitude.

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