10 Years After – 238


Once the room was silent again, Eric said:


“So they know we’re here now.”

“Perhaps it was because I used Magic Exploration.”


The magic machines had appeared right after I used Magic Exploration on the High Lord.

If that was enough to allow him to detect us, he must be very powerful.


“Did Magic Detection tell you that there would be magic machines?”

Goran asked seriously.


Magic Detection was magic used to search for beings with magic. Magic Exploration was to find out who or what those beings were.

Usually, I would use Magic Detection first and then cast Magic Exploration after.

So I wouldn’t use Magic Exploration on something that couldn’t be detected first.


“No, I didn’t detect the magic machines at all.”

“I see…”

Eric gulped. Goran also looked worried.


After all, while they were machines, they still used magic to operate.

This meant that they must have been heavily protected by concealment magic.

While it was just an excuse, I had to bypass the magic defense and cover a large area quickly.

That was why it was not as precise, and I missed things.

Still, it was my responsibility. I had to reflect on that.


“It was my mistake. I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s enough to know that they were able to get passed you.”

“Yes. We must be careful. They clearly have a very powerful Sorcerer with them.”


Eric and Goran said. Shia and the others also nodded.

As our enemy was stronger than expected, the burden on Shia and the others would be heavier.


“For now, before we continue… Shia, Serulis, and Grulf. You need to…”


Just as I was about to say it-


A loud sound echoed from the teleportation circle.

The runes that were on it had shattered.


“I wanted Shia and the others to return…”

“That would have been for the best, Locke. But we have no choice now.”

“…So, they won’t let anyone escape then.”


Kathe said.


“Hmm. But can’t you repair the teleportation circle, Locke?”

“I could, but it would be even harder than making it from scratch.”

“And how long would it take?”

“I could do it in a day for sure. Maybe half a day.”

“So it takes even someone like Locke that much time… So it is impossible under the current circumstances then…”


It would be foolish to trap ourselves in here and try to fix the teleportation circle.

Our enemies had many methods of attack. It would be better to go out and fight them.


“Alright then. Let’s go and kill this High Lord Boss.”

“Indeed. That is the quickest way.”

“Yes. We’ll do that.”


And so it was decided.

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  1. If they were concerned they might have to send the kids back, they should have just never brought them over! But that would make the story less interesting, so….

    Thanks for the magic machine-gun machines!

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