10 Years After – 239

Making our way forward while searching the building


I decided to tell them of the general plan. It would probably be best to do it through telepathy.


‘Leave the High Lord to us. Shia and Serulis, I want you two to protect the humans.’


Shia replied through telepathy and Serulis nodded.


‘Grulf…let’s see. I’ll give you an order based on the situation. However, you will stick with Serulis.’


Grulf did not seem very happy about that. He probably wanted to fight with me.


‘Grulf. Don’t be like that. While we are going to be fighting a boss, there can’t be too many on our side.’


‘Besides, your nose will be useful when searching for the humans.’


I patted him on the head and then said out aloud,


“I’m relying on you.”



Grulf wagged his tail happily.


‘That being said, we’ll move separately only at the end. Because the rooms are close together.’

“I suppose that’s the one good thing about all of this.”

“I don’t know if it’s actually good.”


Right before we left, Kathe opened her mouth.


“You’re talking normally now. Is that really alright?”

“Yeah. They already know we’re here anyway.”

“But I still think it would be better to stay quiet if we’re going to ambush them.”

“Kathe. Calm down and analyze the flow of magic. Can’t you tell that they have cast Magic Detection?”

“…Ah, so they have.”


As I thought, the enemy had a powerful Sorcerer with them.

After all, they had been able to cast Magic Detection without Kathe noticing it.

Kathe’s words and actions made her seem unreliable, but she was still the wind dragon ruler.

That meant she was top class among dragons. She was up there with the best human sorcerers.

She would have noticed it instantly if it had been an ordinary sorcerer who had done it.


“The High Lord knows exactly where we are. An ambush would be impossible.”

“Hmm? But…”

Kathe probably wanted to ask if we could ambush the other enemies at least.


“There is no point in ambushing enemies who are that weak.”

Eric nodded at this.


“Not being able to communicate smoothly is a bigger problem.”

‘Of course, we will use telepathy when talking about something we don’t want them to know. Sorry, Serulis.’

I added at the end. Serulis and Grulf were the only ones here who couldn’t use telepathy.



Serulis nodded.


And then I took out a sheet of paper and drew out a map of the building.

This was so that the others could get a grasp of the layout.


‘You obviously know this, but I was only able to detect the positions of walls that have been protected with magic.’

‘Yes, that is true.’

‘So, we’ll have to be careful about that.’


Goran said.

That being said, stone and metal barriers did not mean much to the likes of Goran, Eric, and Kathe.

However, it was different for Shia, Serulis, and Grulf.


I continued to use Magic Detection, even while drawing out the map.

This was because I had overlooked the machines the last time.


‘I tried searching again. Unfortunately, there are other magic machines. They probably intend on taking us by surprise.’

‘Then we should pretend that we don’t know.’

Goran said with a laugh.

Kathe had also been using Magic Detection, and she now looked towards me.


‘I wasn’t able to detect any evil dragons here. What about you, Locke?’

‘I didn’t find any inside of the building either.’


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