10 Years After – 240

Serulis’s Surprising Skill


Once we were sure that the enemy was dead, Kathe and I searched the room for magic tools.


‘Maybe it would have been better to bring Lord Gerberga with us, since we’re fighting against strong vampires.’

‘Yes. It’s hard to ensure that not a single bat escapes. But at least the Holy Sword works…’ 


Eric was right.

If Lord Gerberga was here, he could deal with the most difficult part.


‘Locke. You’re not going to use Drain Touch?’

‘Well, I’m assuming that the enemy Sorcerer, who is most likely the High Lord, is continuing to use Magic Detection.’

‘Hmmm. You mean you want to hide your identity until you reach them?’



Magic Detection was currently being cast on us. Of course, Magic Exploration as well.

But as I was concealing my own magic, they shouldn’t know our identities yet.

That being said, it would be a different story if I used Drain Touch.


I didn’t want them to know which of us was using the magic.

They were probably focusing on Kathe right now. And it was best to leave it that way.


And so we continued on.

As there were many rooms, it took a while. But at least no one was injured.


‘Shia, Serulis, and Grulf. Are any of you tired?’

‘I’m fine.’



Serulis nodded silently. However, all three of them were panting.


‘Drink some water. And you should eat something.’


I said as I took out some sweets and water from my magic bag and handed it to them.

Eric and Goran had their own stuff.

But as Kathe was looking at us hungrily, I gave some to her as well.


‘The rest of us will take care of the next room, so you three should get some rest.’

‘No, I can still fight.’

‘But I want you to be in good condition when it really matters.’


That would be when we have to rescue those people who have been charmed.

When that happened, we would have to fight the High Lord.

And we wouldn’t be able to help Shia and the others.


‘If that’s the reason…I understand. Please leave it to us.’

‘You can rest here, but keep your guard up.’

‘I know.’


And so the next room was taken care of by us men and Kathe.

Shia and the others guarded the entrance.


As I cut off a Vampire Lord’s head, I talked to Serulis through telepathy.


‘Since it’s a good opportunity, I should tell you about how to use it.’

‘Right now? Wouldn’t that be very difficult?’

Goran said as he cut down an arch vampire and a vampire lord.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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