10 Years After – 240


‘Well, it’s not that hard. So it might just work.’

And so I gave Serulis tips on how to communicate with telepathy.


‘…So, that’s how you do it.’

‘I understand.’




Goran and Grulf raised their voices in surprise when they heard Serulis.


‘You learn very quickly, Serulis.’

‘It’s because Mister Locke is a good teacher.’


Talking with telepathy was actually quite easy.

But it wasn’t easy enough to learn immediately. It usually took a few days of practice.

In fact, it had taken Goran up to two weeks to learn.

Perhaps Serulis had the kind of skill necessary to become a Sorcerer.


After that, we made good progress through the building. We crushed one room after another.

Then Eric said,


‘Should be soon, right?’

‘I think so.’

I said. Serulis tilted her head to the side.


‘Soon? Do you mean the boss room?’

As Serulis did not have much experience, she did not understand what we meant.

And so I explained it to her.


‘There is still some distance until we reach the boss room. However, it’s about time the enemy does something.’

‘Does something?’

‘If only we knew.’

‘I see. Yes, of course. Sorry for asking something so stupid.’

‘No, it was a good question. You should ask more.’

I said and Serulis smiled.

Then Goran said,


‘Serulis. What kind of attack do you think the enemy might launch?’

‘…Yes. As their individual groups have been crushed, maybe they’ll unite and attack us.’

‘That’s very possible. A good guess.’


Goran praised her.

I agreed with him. However, the enemy knew that there was a strong Sorcerer in our group.

They would likely consider the possibility of wide-area attacks that could hit them all at once.

In fact, I would very much welcome them uniting and attacking us.


‘What do you think, Mister Locke?’

‘Indeed… Perhaps the boss will come out to greet us.’

‘Do you mean it doesn’t want to lose too many men?’

‘Yes. Even arch vampires are important to their fighting force.’

‘And if they weren’t important…then the boss might run away…’

Serulis’s guess would be a very dangerous scenario to have to deal with.

However, this boss seemed quite confident, and I doubted it would run away.

Still, I continued to use Magic Exploration so that it would not try to escape.

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