10 Years After – 239


‘Hmm. So, does that mean they are outside? I didn’t check outside of the building.’

‘There are. Five very large ones. I think they are too big to come inside.’


Then Eric said,


‘Even if they are not inside the building, they are still close by. We have to keep that in mind.’

‘Yes, you’re right. Locke, you lead the way.’

‘Leave it to me. Goran, you take the rear.’



I started to run forward and the others followed.

Grulf was behind me. Eric was next to Grulf.

Kathe walked behind them and even further back was Shia and Serulis. Goran was last.


‘They already know we’re here. So let’s kill them all.’



But even if the lords were weak, there was also a strong Sorcerer here.

It would be bad if we got attacked from the rear right when we were facing a strong enemy.

But I had plenty of magic energy left. So it would be best to kill everyone and make sure that no one came up from behind us later on.

Besides, it would be a pain if the rooms had tools that offered the protection of the evil god.


‘Usually, Magic Detection alerts me of them…’

‘Indeed. But if there is someone here that is good with concealment magic, it will be more difficult.’

‘That’s why we have to kill everyone and then search the place.’


Eric and Goran were quick to understand.

I nodded silently and then addressed them all.


‘As for the first room. There are 2 lords and 4 archs. They’re waiting just behind the door.’



And then I cut down the door with the Devil King Sword.

Eric and Kathe immediately kicked the rest down and jumped inside.

Before they could even react, Eric thrust his holy blade into the heart of the first lord.

Kathe’s fist crushed the head of the other.


Grulf, Shia, and Serulis killed an arch vampire each. I killed the last one.

Goran was guarding us near the entrance.


Some of the vampires tried to turn into mist or bats as they died. But I didn’t let them.

I swung the Devil King Sword and absorbed everything.

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