10 Years After – 238

The Large Room


I continued to use Magic Exploration. It was harder than usual, due to the walls being protected by magic.

Also, I had to do it carefully, which meant that it took longer.

That being said, the walls did allow me to get a grasp of how large the place was, so it was also helpful.


I often cast defense magic on buildings.

However, I hadn’t considered that it allowed people to figure out the structure of the house by using Magic Detection.

I would have to be more careful in the future.


While I continued to work, I told the others:

‘Yes, the humanoid presences are vampires, after all.’

‘What type?’

Kathe asked. As usual, she did not seem the least bit worried. On the other hand, Serulis seemed almost too worried.

She was constantly touching the hilt of her sword with her right hand. It couldn’t be helped since she didn’t have much experience.


‘There aren’t too many lessers. Most of them are Archs and Lords.’

‘Oh? It’s like a gathering of elites then.’

‘So, this isn’t just any ordinary base.’


Goran and Eric started to analyze the information I gave them.


‘So, there are no High Lords?’

‘Not yet…ah, yes, there is.’

I found one just after Shia asked me. He was in a different room that was quite far off.


‘Maybe that’s the boss?’

‘Could be.’


Just then, I realized that there were several humans in the room with the High Lord.


‘There are humans too. Five of them. They are all charmed.’

Unlike Magic Detection, Magic Exploration allowed you to tell if they had Charm cast on them.


‘They aren’t thralls though. That’s good.’

‘Ahh, I suppose that’s a small relief.’

Eric and Goran said seriously.

Considering that they were trapped in the room, they were probably not servants.

Most likely, they were being kept there as food.


‘So, they have hostages. That complicates things. It might be better to work secretly.’

‘Yes. Shia is right.’


I agreed. Shia’s tail wagged quietly.

Just then, I finished using Magic Exploration.

I was about to explain to them the positions of the enemy, when…



The door to the room flew off.

Behind it, was a magic machine. Four of them.

Perhaps they had made the door so wide in this place so that the machines could move easily.

They entered the room and immediately started to fill the air with highspeed balls of metal.


“Leave the defense to me!”


I shouted. Everyone moved at once. They believed that I would protect them.

Eric, Goran, and Kathe were especially quick. In a flash, each of them had destroyed a single magic machine.

Serulis and Shia ducked low and charged forward.

And they worked together to destroy the last one.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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