10 Years After – 242


“Kathe, calm down.”

“How can I be calm!”


I hadn’t been able to notice it either, even while I was using Magic Detection and Magic Exploration.

While we had been fighting desperately, it still meant I had let my guard down. I would have to be more careful.

Of course, it wasn’t something to worry about right now. This was not the time.

However, Kathe was still shaking.


“It-it disappeared.”

“I know what you’re trying to say. But calm down.”

Kathe’s shock would start to affect Shia and Serulis if it didn’t stop.

Who knew what would happen then. But right now, we needed a Sorcerer who was strong.


“…So, I was detecting a dummy all of this time. And thought it was the boss…”


Kathe wasn’t even trying to hide it.

Sometimes, it was important to hide your emotions. Especially when up against a strong enemy.


The man looked at how shaken Kathe was and smiled with satisfaction.


“Oh, that must be rough for you.”

“To be fooled like that… It should not have been possible!”

“And yet it is. That just means there is an immense difference in ability between us.”

The man said with a laugh.


“What…my magic is…”

Kathe was stunned. Shia looked at her with a worried expression.

Kathe was a first-rate Sorcerer and yet, she was easily fooled. How strong was this man?

That’s what was likely in the minds of Shia and Serulis.


But Eric and Goran seemed calm. They just had so much more experience in battle.

Kathe was strong and very powerful.

But she didn’t have as much experience as us.

Besides, as someone who was born with her strength, Kathe didn’t know much about battle tactics.


As a veteran, I had to help Kathe, Shia, and Serulis calm down here.

And so I looked towards the man and smiled.


“Hey, vampire. I know that you’re worried, but enough with the jokes.”



He saw my smile, and for an instant, his eyebrows narrowed.

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