10 Years After – 26


It sounded very pleased, as if it was enjoying it.

And so Luchila stopped.


“You’re so cute, Gerbie.”

“How dare you!!”



Luchila became angry again.

However, Gerbie was clucking happily.


After that, we continued to walk back towards the capital, while being cautious of our surroundings.

Serulis had now become fond of Gerberga and continued to make comments.

Luchila would complain about this every time, but Gerberga did not seem to mind.


While we were taking a break, Serulis asked,


“This was the first time I’ve encountered a vampire… Was that a lesser one? It seemed quite strong.”


While we were fighting, I had called it a lesser vampire in order to provoke it.

I guess she had heard it.


“That wasn’t a lesser a vampire. It was likely an Arch Vampire.”


Arch Vampires were among the top ranking vampires.

They were not scrubs.


“So it was an Arch Vampire. And that means Vampire Lords are stronger than that one, right?”


“But I wasn’t able to react in time.”

“It’s difficult to react to attacks from the sky. But still, I saw that you had your sword drawn.”

“But if you hadn’t been there, Mister Locke, Luchila and Gerbie would have died.”

“It’s Lord Gerberga!”


Luchila butted in without fail.

I ignored him and said to Serulis,


“That might be true. But it was a difficult thing and could not be helped.”

“I want you to teach me to be able to move quickly.”

“It’s not something that can just be taught.”

“Maybe you’re right, but…”

“You should always be wary of danger, and eventually, you might get there.”

“I understand.”


Serulis said with an expression that suggested she didn’t understand at all.

Getting familiar was what was important.

It wasn’t just about practicing.


After that, Serulis repeatedly went into a defensive stance as we made our way back.

I suppose it was her way of staying on edge.

I didn’t think this was going to do her any good, but it was commendable that she was putting in the effort.


We arrived in the royal capital a little while after the setting of the sun.

We finished making a report at the Adventurer’s guild and then returned to Goran’s mansion.


“Ah, Mister Locke! I was waiting for you!”


Shia had been waiting in front of Goran’s mansion.

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  1. oohh didn’t expect that one of his harem would come back so quickly
    thought she would come back at least after few chapters or arcs.

  2. Lord gerbie just possible harem member get from MC? I mean I’m kinda okay with this one. Doubtful that Lord Gerbie can transform to human but meh.

    Every time I read “cluck” I “Bawk”. I read a manga many years ago that had a pet chicken which would “bawwwk” and such and pretty much became the reason for why I continued to read it.

  3. Serilus has potential, just is a little too rash for her own good, though that’s how teens mostly are… Locke was pretty badass with his reaction and after the, if you can call it, a fight.

  4. “Luchila is (show emotion)
    and gerberga clucking”

    it funny when ruck saying this everytime as if that is their identity.

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