10 Years After – 27

“So, you want me to kill the Vampire High Lords, is that it?”

“Ultimately, yes… But there is something that needs to be done quickly first.”

“What’s that?”


Shia’s voice dropped into a whisper.


“These vampires are united in their search for a certain chicken. And so we must find this chicken first and protect it at all cost.”



A familiar tale. Well, it was clearly about Gerberga.


“I know how you feel now, Mister Locke. You are wondering why we must protect a mere chicken, aren’t you?”

“No, I’m not.”

“No, I understand why can’t believe me now. After all, this is a chicken that we are talking about.”

“I believe you.”

“You are very kind, Mister Locke.”

“It has nothing to do with kindness.”

“But still, this chicken can open and close gates to other dimensions and stop vampires from transforming.”


It really was Gerberga then.


“I truly understand why you wish to doubt me. But it’s true, the vampires are searching for it.”

“I do believe it. I mean, you just met it.”

“…Just…met it?”

“Yes. Didn’t you see the demon boy carrying a chicken in front of the house?”

“Boy? Ah, ahhh. I did see a demon carrying a chicken, yes. I thought that it was for dinner…”

“Shia. Let’s introduce you to the God Fowl Lord Gerberga first.”

“I, uh. Thank you?”


I’ll introduce her to Serulis and Luchila as well.

I thought and then approached the door. But then it suddenly opened from the other side.




Serulis tumbled into the room. She had been listening to us.

Of course, I already knew that she was listening.

Serulis should practice on erasing her presence a little better.


Luchila was still holding Gerberga and standing a few feet away.


“I told you that you shouldn’t eavesdrop like that.”



Luchila said with exasperation. Gerberga clucked in agreement.

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  1. “Boy? Ah, ahhh. I did see a demon carrying a chicken, yes. I thought that it was for dinner…”

    You have commited crimes against skyrim abd her people, what say in your defense

  2. thanks for the chapter…
    after OP MC, now we get OP chicken…but well, there are OP chicken too in some parallel world, more OP than the MC

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