10 Years After – 28

I asked Shia,


“Now that the Gow Fowl is under our protection, does that mean we just have to go out and kill the Vampire High Lords?”

“Yes, that is correct.”

“Do you know the place?”

“I do know the area…”

“Area? How accurately?”

“I’ve grasped that they are somewhere among the mountains that are a days journey to the north of the capital.”


Upon hearing this, I asked Serulis,


“Serulis. It would be helpful if we had a map. Can I borrow one?”

“Wait a moment. I will go and get one.”


Serulis rushed out of the room.

She quickly returned.


“I brought a map from my room.”

“Thank you. This will help.”

“Don’t mention it!”


The map that Serulis brought was quite detailed.

It was clearly an incredibly expensive item.


“Shia, what’s the general area on this map?”

“Somewhere in this zone.”


Shia indicated a very wide area.

It would take a long time to find them.


“It would be nice if you could have narrowed it down a little.”

“But, it was incredibly difficult for me to get this information.”


According to Shia, there were too many vampires in the area for her to get close.


“So Miss Shia, Mister Locke and I are going off to fight High Lords and Lords. How exciting.”

“No, I’m not taking you, Serulis.”



Serulis looked like she had been stunned.


Vampire hunting was Shia’s job.

She had to go hunting as part of the rules of her tribe.

Even if I didn’t go, she would probably go alone. Even if it killed her.


On the other hand, Serulis was different.

And there was no way that I could take Goran’s daughter to such a dangerous place.


However, I felt like she would secretly follow us if I just left her here.

And so I decided to assign her a role.


“Because I need you to protect Lord Gerberga.”


“Call him Lord Gerberga!”


Luchila scolded without delay.


“Well, it is not as if we can take the God Fowl, which the enemy is after, right into their base?”

“That may be, but…”

“They will be waiting for this opportunity where we are separated from the God Fowl. It’s possible that they will attack.”


“We’re within the royal capital. I doubt any Lord class vampires will attack… But I would still feel better if a brilliant Adventurer was guarding the place.”


Serulis perked up at the words ‘brilliant Adventurer.’


“If that’s the case…I suppose I have no choice.”

“Thank you.”


Now that it was settled,

“I’m home!”

Goran’s voice boomed in the house. Apparently, he was home.


“We will tell Goran as well and ask for his help.”

“Lord Morton?”


Shia asked in a somewhat nervous voice.

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  1. Author didn’t put enough thought into the time and distances involved. The people in that world would have to walk at the speed of freeway traffic to make it work. The nation’s capital, two different farming villages, the wolf folk clan, and a mountain housing a vampire cabal are all said to be within a single day of foot travel.

    • How else are they going to go shop at the capital market. Vampires need to head to the local blood bank and farmers need to sell their produce. It just so happens it’s less then half a day makes sense…. lol civilizations have to be close to each other lol.

    • Capital needs to have villages nearby so that they will supply it with food. Historically, villages seem to have been packed closely based on the size of the surrounding fields (unless geography got in the way).
      I imagine in a fantasy world full of monsters, fields would have to be smaller than in our world, which is compensated for by fantasy crop growth speed. It’s not like they have farm machines to work huge fields, right?

  2. The God Foul, Lord Gerberga demands a harem of hens so that his line many recover and never diminish.

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