10 Years After – 30


“That’s right. Serulis, that was very rude to Lord Gerberga.”

“I’m sorry.”


Goran scolded her, and Serulis apologized.


“It’s fine.”



Luchila did not look fine, but Gerberga seemed to be in high spirits.

Or so I thought. It was hard to read a chicken’s expression.


Goran also bowed before Gerberga.


“To be honest, I too assumed you were just a chicken. I am sorry.”



Gerberga shook his head to the side.

He must be saying that he doesn’t mind.


And so I said to Goran,


“So, I have just heard from Shia that the Vampire High Lords are gathering others lords.”

“High Lords… Those can be dangerous.”

“Yes. And so Shia and I are planning to go and kill them.”

“Hmm. About that…”


Goran fell silent.

I knew what he was thinking.

He was thinking that Shia would only get in the way.

But he didn’t want to say it in front of her.


B Rank Adventurers was first-rate. But it was still dangerous to go up against a High Lord.

And so Goran’s misgivings were right.

However, Shia had a reason that forced her to hunt vampires.


“Shia is a professional vampire hunter. She has a duty to her tribe.”

“…I see.”


Goran said understandingly. He was often quick to understand.


“So, with all of that said, I have a request to make.”



Goran thought a little and nodded.


“I see…Ru….Locke. I know what you want say.”

“Oh, you do?”


Though, his constant slips were making me nervous.


“You’re going to take Lord Gerberga with you to fight the Vampire High Lords, and you want me to support you!”




What I wanted to ask was that he protect Luchila and Gerberga.

I didn’t want Gerberga to get attacked while Shia and I left the capital.

I explained this to him.


“I see. But doesn’t Lord Gerberga have immense power?”

“Of course, he does. But it would be difficult to fight while protecting Gerberga from the vampires.”


Right then, Shia interjected.


“Besides, it is said that if a Vampire High Lord drinks the God Fowls blood, they will fill with curses instantly and be able to open the gate between dimensions.”

“What? Is that true?”

This was news to me. Important things like that should be said quickly.


I looked at Luchila with some annoyance.

“Huh? Is it really so?”


But Luchila and Gerberga were just as surprised.

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    • Na as Gerberga is the last of his kind it would probably let the vampires have a much easier time opening a rift up after all he fixes those borders on the world.

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