10 Years After – 31


Goran was trying to stop me at all cost.


“That’s right. You should just stay here forever, Mister Locke! Right, daddy?”

“Yes, you should just stay here.”


And now Serulis had joined him.

I had not expected them to try and stop me.


“We-well, we can talk about this on another day. Right now, we have to talk about protecting the God Fowl.”

“Oh, right.”

“So, are you fine with protecting the God Fowl here? I will create a barrier, but it is still a risk.”

“Because vampires may attack us, I presume?”

“Vampire High Lords won’t be able to get in the city, but there is a possibility that lesser vampires will.”


Large cities had protective barriers around them.

Or perhaps you could say that large cities were created in places with the barriers.


These barriers were harder to penetrate for strong monsters.

It would take a long time and immense power to break through it.

And it would be no easy task for a Vampire High Lord to break through.

And so even if Goran wasn’t here, Serulis could likely successfully protect the place.


“Well, I don’t mind the danger of that, but…”

“Is there a different problem?”

“Why don’t we ask Eric?”


The Hero Eric was now the king.


“The palace is the safest place in the city, no? The God Fowl is a god, and they will treat him better in the palace as well.”

“…Now that you mention it, you’re right.”


I hadn’t even considered the possibility of protecting it in the palace.

Of course, I was aware that Eric was now king, but I didn’t always think of him like that.

To me, Eric was a Hero.

And so even with that knowledge, the two things didn’t always connect in my head.

That was why I hadn’t thought of such an idea as to rely on his help.


“I have to admit I was not thinking properly. Indeed, the palace would be safer.”

“Yes. I too think the palace would be safer.”

Serulis said and nodded.


“Th-the palace? Is-is that really alright?”

Luchila seemed a little nervous about it.


“It’s fine. Eric is very nice.”

“Mister Locke, who are you? You just addressed the king by his name.”



Now that I think of it, I hadn’t told Luchila about my identity yet.

This was bound to happen.

It would be best to tell him now and make him keep it a secret.


“The truth is…”


I told Luchila that I was the Hero Ruck.





Luchila and Gerberga let out cries of utter amazement.

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  1. Thanks!

    i was wondering when he would appear again lol and was it mentioned what happened to the crown prince?

  2. Lol. . Finally gerbera can talk another thing beside “chuck”! That was the best development to be happened so far!

  3. Lol, Goran kinda wants to adopt Ruck. And truly, few novels (if I remember right) come to mind where the hero does become a king…Also, I hope we get to see Goran’s wife soon, she must be the only one with her feet on the ground in that family.

  4. Thanks for the translations 🙂

    Am I the only one who thinks a Castle, with all the guards, servants, and nobles would be less safe than the Guild Masters Mansion with a Barrier on it?

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