10 Years After – 34


If one person was a victim to Charm, then there was a high danger that the entire party would succumb to it as well.


“We will also have to be careful about being infected.”


Eric said with a serious expression.

There really wasn’t much you could do for someone after they turned. In fact, it was generally impossible to cure.

And so in a way, it was easier to kill former comrades.


However, those who have become kin to the vampire had increased physical abilities.

Which meant they could be incredibly dangerous if they were already brilliant Adventurers.

It would be like a C Rank going up to B or B Rank going up to A.


“It will be difficult to send knights and soldiers. I am sorry.”

“It’s the same with Adventurers.”


Eric and Goran apologized.


“I understand. And I wouldn’t want to have to fight against former Adventurers anyway.”

“Charm spells and blood-sucking do not work on us beastkin wolves. Please leave this job to us.”


Shia said. Eric turned to her.


“A thousand thanks. Weapons, armor. Tell me if there is anything that you require. I will call in a specialist later.”

“Thank you.”


Shia thanked him and bowed. There was no need to be modest here.

Anything that helped raise their chances of survival even a little would be valuable.


“Now, I have to go and get ready.”

“I haven’t fought at the front lines in a while. This is exciting.”


Eric and Goran started saying.


“What? You two are coming too?”

“Of course?”

“Why wouldn’t we?”


Eric and Goran said as if it were the most natural thing.


“Uh, are you sure?”

Eric was the king of the country. He shouldn’t be out there on the frontlines.

And Goran was the leader of the Adventurers Guild.


“Ruck. Don’t underestimate me. I can easily withstand the Vampire’s charm.”

“Yes. I can’t let you go out and take all of the glory.”


The king and the grand master said with huge grins.

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  1. ‘are you going to sacrifice yourself again?’
    bitch I just fought a demon for 10 years in another dimension, is this a joke?

    • Yeah, given his story their coddling is insulting. He developed the ability to literally fight forever. Not only that, he got stronger and younger as he did so.

      • it is not at the point of insulting, just annoying

        imagine sacrifice yourself once, fought (probably)every kind of high-ranked demon, killed a demon king and survived to be worried over shitty vampire lord

        he’s not even your child! he is one of the hero just like you guys dangit lol

  2. In retrospect, I shouldn’t be surprised that they’re coming along. I didn’t realize the possibility though. XD
    Thanks for the new chapter!

  3. I hope one of the princess marries the demon, it would bring another level of vanilla to the story that I would just love!

    I am so happy that this was picked up as Lord Gerbie says, “Cluck-cluck!” Baaaawwwk!

  4. I really hope that one of the princess marries the God fowl’s demon retainer, it would bring a whole new level of vanilla to the story! I would really enjoy that!

    I am so happy that this was picked up! Thank you! As the Lord Gerbie says, “Cluck-cluck!” Baaawwwwk

  5. Dude your best friend came back when you thought he was dead

    They just don’t want to take any chances that the same thing happens again

  6. Shia was surprisingly calm in between the legendary party, and rofl, Goran and Eric also want to have fun sometimes Ruck! I pity the vampires at this point… they chased a chicken and now their race is at a strand of hair away from being exterminated

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