10 Years After – 36


That was some very important information there.

It was frightening to think that they had infiltrated the palace.


“The High Lord gave the order? Then there must have been some mistake. I will have to go and talk with the 6th ranking officer. Where is he?”

“Yes. Uh…”


The lesser vampire told me.

It was near a village that was an hours walk from the city.


“Can I go and meet him if I use this magic circle?”

“Yes, that is how it was created.”

“I see. By the way…”


I attempted to get more information out of them.




The three lesser vampires started screaming in pain at the same time.

Then they coughed up blood before becoming completely still. At last, they turned into ash, with only the magic stones remaining.


I deactivated the illusion.


“That was an impressive illusion. Those vampires couldn’t stop talking.”


Goran said with admiration.


“I just copied Luchila’s illusion. Sorry for not telling you about it.”

“No, I do not mind! It is an honor to have you copy my work. And you did it better than me.”



Gerberga seemed very excited.

Luchila tilted his head to the side.


“Still, why did they turn into ash all of a sudden?”

“They had probably swallowed some poison that would kill them after a certain period.”


Goran said as he inspected the ashes. I suspected that Goran was right about that.


“Goran. I think I’m going to go and kill this 6th officer or whatever he’s called.”

“You what?”

“I’m going to teleport before the portal is closed.”

“Then I will go with you.”

“No, you have to protect the palace. It seems that there are other subordinates of this 6th ranking officer here as well.”

“I see. Very well.”


Just as I was about to jump into the circle,

“I caught her!”

Serulis and Shia had returned. They had captured a single maid.


They had put some cloth in her mouth so she could not bite her tongue, and her hands were tied behind her back.

It must have been Shia’s idea.


“She is not infected.”


Shia was able to tell them apart. Then the maid was likely under the vampire’s charm.

It was hard to tell from the outside whether or not that was the case.


“If it is Charm, then she can be cured.”


Shia seemed relieved.

If it wasn’t Charm, then it would be nearly irreversible.

But Charm could be treated.


“Though, it will require an incredibly skilled healer…”

“We should call one over at once.”


Serulis was about to run out again, by I stopped her.


“Wait a second. Apparently, there are many others who are under the vampire’s influence.”


“Yes. And so you two should focus on protected Lord Gerberga.”


“Leave it to us.”

“I’m going to go and kill this 6th ranking officer.”


If you killed the Vampire Lord who was controlling them, then the Charm effect would die off and the servants would turn into ash.

So it was best to just defeat the Lord.


I poured my magic into the magic circle and activated it.

And then I jumped into the teleportation circle.

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  1. Cluck-cluck-cluck!!! (thank you for the chapter!!!)

    cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck ~ (it seems the palace is not the safest place in the kingdom now ~)

    • Not really, 2 B-rank level girls, a master illusionist and 3 OP heroes all in one place… anywhere with them is quite safe. And the palace makes limits so only small fry can enter..

      • yeah, but 2-B rank girls is only one who has good experiences, while the other one still newbie, and the Hero, Eric surely would protect his daughters first.
        so the one who can protect them is Goran.
        what makes it not safe is because the palace already got infiltrated by the charmed or infected servants.
        dangers to sneak attack is high.
        and only the beast girl who can detect them.

      • …. so????? Does that make my point any less true???? Even if only 1 has experience, they are both B ranks. It’s a chicken with 3 powerful guards and 3 OP guards.

        There is pretty much nowhere safer than with them.

      • sigh…
        did you expect them to guard the chicken for 24 hours?
        Goran is Guild Master, and he can’t protect him all the time…
        Eric is a King, what kind of King to abandon his duty to protect a chicken?

        the reason MC choose palace, is because the barriers that protect the palace, but now the palace got infiltrated by Lessers vampires, thralls, and charmed servants , so no matter is the girls Rank B adventures, they still can’t protect him completely, moreover with one of them a newbie that didn’t have good experience against vampires…

      • Okay… and??? My point is that the chicken lord is with the strongest people in the world and is right now in the safest place possible.

        I’m not denying anything you said. But… while the 6 of them are there with the chicken, there is nowhere safer. In fact, with the trio of OP old men nowhere is safer…

      • sigh…
        did you even read my previous comment?????
        with strongest people in the world is mean nothing if they are not there when accident happen…
        look at the event when lessers vampires attacking the chicken and the girls, they even there, in same place, at the PALACE, when that happen, if MC didn’t notice it and act fast, the chicken gonna injured or worst died. fighting when protectiong is really different than fighting to win. and look at those “B ranks adventures” they can’t even kill those lessers vampires quickly.

        and did you read the next chapter?
        the MC himself says that the palace is no longer safest place for the chicken…
        even both Eric and Goran agree with that.

        did i must repeat my previous comments to reply yours?

      • But the chicken IS with the strongest people in the world… and the palace was no longer the safest place cause the strongest people in the world were leaving.

        What I’m saying is that the safest place is where ever the MC and his allies are.

      • nope… Chicken can’t do anything if vampire they didn’t become bats or mist… so if they still materializing, the chicken is fuvked.

        and again…
        did you ever read my previous comments?
        see my first comment above before you comment it…
        what i’m commenting about safest place is “PALACE”, not being with heroes…
        sigh… if you saying about that then you didn’t even on the topic in the first place…

      • ohh it seems my reply about gerbega on other comments got mixed with my reply to yours, sorry about that

        and to added my reply, MC intend to leave the chicken at the palace because its the safest place in the kingdom (barriers stuff) and with the other heroes gonna raid the vampires lair, not about being with heroes. since MC knew the heroes has other duty to complish… and MC didn’t think that the palace already got infiltrated by vampires.

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