10 Years After – 37


A twisted cry escaped his lips as he turned around to flee. I cut him open with my sword.

I would not hold back even a little. One small slip and the 6th Ranking Officer might escape.

All three bodies now turned into ash.


That was the power of the Devil King Sword. It was awe-inspiring.


“Bastard. Who are you!”

“I have no need to give you a name.”


The 6th Officer was casting a silent spell now.

It was magic arrows. In a flash, there were hundreds of them and they launched all at once.


Not surprising for a Vampire Lord.

These were faster than any arrow of a veteran hunter.

Not only that, but their paths were not uniform. You could not predict them.


“You think you’re smart!”

And so I didn’t dodge them. I swung the Devil King Sword.

And cut down the arrows that seemed like they would hit me.


“You monster!”

“You’re the last person who should judge!”


I would not let him go.

However, in the event that he somehow managed it, I had decided in advance to not use any magic in this fight.

I did not want the High Lord to know that I was a Sorcerer.


And so I slashed at him with my sword. The 6th Officer blocked the attack with his own sword.

It had been a blow with all of my strength, and yet his sword did not break.


“That is a good sword.”


I dealt blow after blow, not allowing him to rest for a second.




His face was fixed in concentration as he desperately defended against my attacks.

I had plenty of experience with fighting with a sword, thanks to the long battle with the devils.

Basically, I just needed to take him by surprise.


I had to attack where he least expected it. When he was the least prepared.

And there was no need to properly block his own attacks. Just turn them aside.

In other words, it was just like fighting with magic.


I swiped his sword away and then cut down into him.

He prepared to block with his sword, but instead, I kicked him in the face.

Surprise attacks were the most effective.


He stumbled backward. With that opening made, I cut off his right hand, which was holding the sword.

He launched another storm of magic arrows then. But this time, there were not as many.

I avoided them easily and then cut off his left hand.


This was where vampire hunting got a little complicated.

It was easy enough to snuff out his life, but restraining him for questioning was a different matter.


As expected, the 6th Ranking Officer tried to turn into bats in order to escape.

And so I cut at him with the Devil King Sword.



The parts that had turned into bats were now ash.

I could not allow a single one to escape. I cut them all down.


And then finally, everything but his head was a pile of ashes.

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