10 Years After – 43


Eric looked serious as he said,


“Ruck. The protection of the god of the dark ones?”

“About that…”


I went over to the destroyed core.

It was made of a strange, crystal-like material that I had never seen before. And it was about as tall as a five-year-old human child.


I showed Eric and Goran the broken core while I explained.

It was the dark version of the protective barrier around the capital.

The barrier caused great pain towards strong people and made it difficult to move.


Eric and Goran gulped upon hearing this.


“That’s horrifying.”

“Adventurers would go extinct if such a thing was placed in the dungeons.”

“I never would have imagined that such a thing could exist.”

“Indeed. It is a shock.”


For a second, I thought that I was going to lose.


“It will be a terrible thing if the dark ones are able to use this protection freely.”

“No, surely there are limits to its use?”

“Is that so?”

“If there weren’t restrictions, then it would have been used from the beginning.”

“That’s true.”

“Ruck. Do you have any guesses at what restrictions there could be?”

“Yes, let me think. First, the area of effect is small. It didn’t affect you two. Did it, Eric?”

Eric and Goran nodded.


“And they must be rare. None of the Lords I killed up until now had one. That means that not even Lords can acquire them.”

“So they are difficult to create?”

“That’s a possibility. Or the materials are very rare. Or both of those reasons.”


Eric and Goran looked a little relieved now.


“And this High Lord medal. It wasn’t filled with curses.”

“Hmm? You’re right. The medals inside of the Lords we just killed had more than this.”

“My guess would be that it is necessary to spit out all of the curses in order to activate the barrier.”

“But isn’t it possible that he just hadn’t stored any curses from the beginning?”

“That’s unlikely. Curses are stored when you kill and drink blood. And vampires grow weak if they do not drink blood for a long time. There is no way that he avoided doing it.”

“Hmm. I see.”

“Besides, think of the timing. He only did it once he noticed Lord Gerberga.”

“Ah, yes. That is right,” said Shia.

“Drinking Lord Gerberga’s blood would fill it with curses all at once. In that case, it would be no loss to lose everything he had gathered until now. That’s what he was probably thinking.”



Gerberga clucked quietly against my chest.


“In any case, we will have to look into it further.”


So saying, Goran and Eric began to throw the objects in the room into a magic bag.

It was a useful magic bag that had a expanded space within.

The weight remained the same, but it had a feature that kept the contents in the same condition.

I had one of those a long time ago, but I lost it during my decade long battle with the Devils.


“These bags really are convenient. I should get myself a new one.”


As I muttered this, Goran turned around.


“Ruck. What is that?”


“I forgot all about that,” said Shia.


Goran was pointing at a cage with a giant wolf inside.

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