10 Years After – 60


“I’m sorry. It’s all because I got caught in such trouble.”
“No, it’s not your fault, Milka.”


As we talked, Serulis said,


“Mister Locke. Do the baths in the mansion work?”

“I think there was hot water…”


I had not really inspected everything yet.

But now that I think of it, the new house did have a bath.

It was a noble’s house, after all.


“Milka. Can you clean the baths when we return?”

“Yes. Since it was you who asked, Sister Serulis, I shall make it squeaky clean.”


Even as she said this, Milka looked a little confused.

She did not know why Serulis had requested this.

Serulis nodded in satisfaction at Milka’s answer, then she looked towards me.


“I just remembered that I had something to do, and so I will return home now. But I’ll be back soon.”

“That’s fine. And you don’t have to come back if you are busy, you know?”


We were going to reinforce the tunnels now.

It would be rather helpful to have strong Serulis help us, but we could still do it without her.


“No! I will be back soon!”

After saying this, Serulis ran away at an incredible speed.


“Sister Serulis sure is fast.”

Milka’s eyes were full of respect as she watched her go.


“Serulis has had much combat training since she was young, and so she is very capable physically.”

“Since she was young? That’s amazing.”

“She is the daughter of the famous Goran, after all.”

“Uh…Mister Goran… Do you mean that old man from this morning?”


“And…that old man is the same as this Lord Morton that the district manager was talking about?”


I had introduced Milka to Goran and the others after breakfast.

But it was very simple. This man is Goran, this girl is Serulis. Something like that.

And so Milka did not know that Goran’s name was Morton.


“Yes, yes. Goran and Serulis have the family name, Morton.”

“Ohh. That sounds impressive!”


Milka had not even known about Eric. So she likely didn’t know who Goran was either.

As I thought about this, Luchila said,


“You don’t know about Lord Goran Morton?”

“I only just met him this morning! But he seems like a nice old man. And sister Serulis is very kind.”


Serulis had shared her breakfast with Milka.

Or perhaps she was just baiting her.


It might be a good idea for me to do the same.


“I’m getting hungry. Do you want to eat something?”






Milka gulped, and at the same time, her stomach rumbled.

Grulf’s tail began to wag vigorously. Gerberga seemed to become restless.

Shia was pretending to be calm. But her ears were twitching and her tail was wagging.

Luchila’s eyes were shining.


“Then let’s get some food at one of these food stalls. You can all pick anything that you like.”


“I will accept the offer.”

“Thank you so much!”




Everyone seemed incredibly pleased.

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  1. damn Milka truly adorable ~!

    and where’s our Lord the Chicken God Gerbega
    its sadden me that he didn’t manage it to the front cover…

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