10 Years After – 61


“Since I’m here, I will help you repair the passage!”



Shia and Gerberga seemed very excited.

While we had gone out and defeated some thugs and their boss, the real job for today was to repair the secret passage.


“Now that I think of it, Eric said that he would visit us today.”

“Perhaps we should hurry.”


Luchila said with a serious expression.

He was thinking that it would be very bad to make the king wait for us.


“That’s true. Let’s hurry then. Shia, thank you.”

“Leave it to me!”



And so went down to the underground secret passage.

Luchila was illuminating the area with a magic light.


“Let’s reinforce the tunnel as we go. Sorry that we’ll be moving slowly.”

“Don’t worry about that!”



I cast spells of Hardening and Permanence on the walls as we moved.

It was time-consuming, but I could not afford to do it carelessly.

And so we moved slowly.


“It’s hard to use magic light every time. It may be better to install some magic tools down here.”

“That will probably be better.”

It would be very inconvenient for Eric to pass through here in the dark.


We continued to make slow progress until we arrived at the hole we had filled up yesterday.

Once again, we would cover it up.


We used the old stones on the sewer side so that it would not draw any attention.

As for the parts that were cracked, we had no choice but to cut the slabs of the new rocks and cover them.


After finishing this, I carefully protected it with magic.

It would keep it hard and fixed in place.


“It will surely be impossible to intrude now that Mister Locke’s magic is cast on it.”



Gerberga clucked in agreement at Shia’s remark.

Gerberga had been following us from behind as we walked.

I could see that he was occasionally catching bugs.

He would probably prevent a bug infestation as long as he stayed here. That was something I was quite thankful for.


“Let’s use the new rocks for the tunnel side.”




Shia and I placed the rocks in place. And rocks that were the wrong size were cut with magic.

On the other hand, Grulf was sniffing around in the area.

Maybe he was trying to show that this was his territory. I had to put a stop to that.


“Grulf. Don’t go around claiming territories.”



Grulf winced. You really could not let him out of your sight for a second.

I did not want him to start marking the place.


Once the hole was filled up nicely, I reinforced it with magic.

Now, we still had to finish reinforcing the tunnel. But I was used to it now, and so it went a lot faster.


It did not take long until we reached the wall that led to the room next to Eric’s bedroom, and the reinforcing of the tunnel was finished.

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  1. I wonder if big sister (Serulis) is start to live at MC’s house, that’s why she wants to clean the bath! I wonder what her mom will think…

  2. Well~ it’s that sad time again…
    Once again, I’ve have caught up with the current chapter… ._.
    Cheers for the chapter.

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