10 Years After – 62



Shia and Luchila answered quietly.


Just as we were about to start moving the rocks, we heard a voice from the other side.

“There was a voice. That’s strange.”

And then,


A shout. And then a single rock shot out from the wall towards us.

There was now a fist sticking out of the hole.




Luchila, Gerberga and Grulf all looked surprised.


The person on the other side had punched through the wall.

They must be pretty strong.


The hand began touching the surrounding wall as if searching for something. Then it pulled back in.

I cautiously looked through the hole to see the other side.

Just then, an eye appeared on the other side and looked at me.



“Oh, is that your voice, Ruck?”


It was the queen, Refi.

Refi had been in our party until she had children with Eric.


She was always the type of person to solve problems through brute force.


“What are you doing there?”

“It’s a long story. But can you move away for now? I need to take down these rocks.”

“Of course.”


I waited for Refi to move away, then I used magic to take down the rocks.

As long as I knew there was no one right behind it, I could take down the wall without being too careful.

At least I knew that I wouldn’t be flattening any maids.


And so I only needed to cause the wall to crumble and throw the rocks into my bag.

It wouldn’t be heavy to carry in my bag, and I could throw them away later.


And so I removed the rocks and entered the room where Refi was waiting.


“It’s been so long.”

“Yes, it really has.”


Refi was wearing fine but not extravagant clothes.

Obviously, she only walked around naked during the night.


After that, I introduced everyone.

Refi seemed to be very fond of Grulf. She petted him frequently.


“Still, Ruck. You really haven’t aged at all…if anything, you look younger?”

“You haven’t changed much yourself, Refi.”

“You are much better at flattery than before.”


Refi said with a laugh.


“Eric said that no one must enter this room. And so I was suspicious and decided to wait here.”

“Well, we planned to do some construction work today. He must have not wanted anyone to get hurt.”

“Then he should have just told me that.”

“I’m sure there was some reason.”


Perhaps he wanted to surprise her after the secret passage was complete.

As I thought such things,  Eric came running into the room.

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  1. I never thought I’d see the word ‘healer’ would bearing any connection to ‘brute force’.

    Anyway, thanks!

  2. The chapters are getting more and more meaningless, the only reason I can bear with this is the quick release. Hope it gets better soon.

    Thanks for the chapter

  3. a Healer, air head, that always solve thing through brute force Queen….
    that Kingdom really unique Kingdom…

  4. Oh boy, I picture the king to be in a dogeza! I wonder how long he will have to be sit there!

    I foresee the royal family “vacationing” in MC’s house on like a daily basis…

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