10 Years After – 76


“In any case, shouldn’t we wash them?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Then I will go and wash them.”

“No. Milka, you can clean the desk.”



While I had no choice, the desk had become quite dirty now.

It would be quite gross until it was cleaned.


I took the strange object to the kitchen.

And then I washed and scrubbed it to take away the blood.

After some time, the smell started to disappear.


However, it still felt quite unclean, and so I put it into a wooden box.

Now it would not touch anything directly.


“I cleaned the desk!”

“Thank you, Milka.”

And then we washed our hands.


“My hands got all stinky!”

“Yes, washing your hands is important.”


As we washed out hands, Grulf started looking at me.


“What is it, Grulf?”


He wasn’t satisfied. I washed my hands more thoroughly.


“How about now, Grulf?”


With Grulf’s seal of approval, I ended the hand washing session.


I had Grulf smell the artifact as well.

Apparently, it was good enough for him.


I carried the wooden box and returned to the drawing room.

Luchila, Serulis, and Gerberga were waiting there.

Gerberga was sitting on Serulis’s lap.


“Lord Gerberga is so cute!”



Serulis gently petted Gerberga.

Gerberga closed his eyes and cooed softly.

Luchila nodded with satisfaction.


“Lord Gerberga is not only the embodiment of dignity, but he is also very cute.”

“You’re so cute, Lord Gerberga!”

Milka said as she petted him as well.


In the meantime, I place the wooden box on the desk.

Luchila saw me and said,


“I guess there is nothing to do but ask the palace alchemists to look into it?”

“Hmmm. But I don’t want to bring such a suspicious object into the palace.”

“That’s true…”

Serulis nodded gravely.


The magic summoning circles had allowed vampires to enter before. There was a possibility that this was a similar item.

It was also possible that it could disturb the barrier of divine protection.

It was too dangerous to bring to the palace.


As I was thinking this, Shia’s voice rang from the front door.

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  1. I woulda put a seal on the box for good measure too, never know what’s hiding inside the thing, could be something that only becomes dangerous when put together and simply waltzing right into a trap (albiet not the way the perp intended, most likely intended a major outbreak first then while negative emotions are running high some happless person puts this thing together, presumably the alchemists mentioned, and boom so called dark god summoned or the portal opened for him)

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