10 Years After – 79


When she said this, I finally realized it.

Perhaps Milka was some kind of genius.

Shia, Serulis, and Luchila still looked confused.



Grulf was also tilting his head to the side.



But Gerberga understood it. At least, that is what it looked like.

He was looking at Milka with an expression that read, ‘You’re really smart, huh?’


“You noticed it too, Mister Locke? The servants of these mansions had to go through this street to return home.”

Milka said as she pointed to one street.



Serulis listened to Milka’s explanation with a serious expression.


“So, for this mansion, you have to go here and pass through this street. And the servants of this mansion as well…”

“What about mansions where apprentices went missing?”

“Since they are apprentices, they probably got asked to buy something.”

“Yes. That likely happens a lot.”

“In that case, they would have to go to this district, where the shops are.  And see, they would still have to pass this street, wouldn’t they?”

“Milka, that’s amazing!”

Serulis said in awe. Milka turned a little red.

She scratched the back of her head bashfully.


“Oh-uh, it’s nothing!”

“…Wait a second.”

Shia said in a cool voice.


“Sister Shia, what is it?”

“It is indeed a sharp observation, but the people of this mansion and this mansion would also go down the same street.”


Shia pointed to the mansions that hadn’t had any missing people.

And then she pointed at one of the mansions that Milka had indicated, where there had been a missing person.


“This is the mansion’s entrance. In that case, I think they would go down this street and not that street.”

“Ah, that’s what you mean? Well, but the staff entrance of that house is over here? And this one is here. So they would go down this street after all.”


The other mansions had a separate door for staff that was in the same direction but a short distance away from the main entrance.

But the staff entrance to the mansions that Shia pointed out, were on the opposite side.

And generally, servants only used the staff entrance.


“You sure know a lot, Milka.”

“I used to look through the trash here before I fled into the sewers!”

Milka said proudly.


The servants would take the trash out from the staff entrance. That’s probably why she remembered.


“Milka, well done!”

“Really? I’m glad I could help!”


She said happily.

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  1. What a observant less common sense kid. What a tragic, I suppose.

    Well, thank you for this chapter! 🙂

  2. while I know this isnt the case, but has no one thought that these missing people could have been familiars of one of the vampire lords and just turned to dust like those in the castle?

    • If that was the case, there should be a spot of ashes somewhere that’d be visible. Plus, when the vampire lords were all wiped out on one day. It sounds like the missing people were over a period of the month.

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