10 Years After – 83




I tried, but the dog kept walking on ahead.

It was as if it were saying that there was no time for that.


“But we’re more likely to get caught with a bloody trail.”


I said as I forced the dog to stop. Then I applied medicine to the paws and wrapped them in bandages. That stopped the bleeding.


“We don’t have much time, so this will have to do. I will fix you up properly later.”



The dog remained quiet but raised its front paw.

That was the only way a dog could communicate silently.

I gently held the offered paw, and the dog’s tail wagged.


We continued to walk while avoiding the servants.

It was as if the dog knew exactly when a servant would pass by.

And so we could hide just in time.


After a while, we stopped in front of a certain room.

It was near the center of the building. It appeared to be a semi-basement.


I asked the dog in a quiet voice,

“Is there something in there?”



The dog raised its front paw again. I took it and patted the dog’s head.

I decided to enter the room.

Even if it was a trap, I would gain some information.


“…Maybe I really am just being arrogant…”

I wondered to myself.


Normally, bursting into a room all alone like this was not a good idea.

Perhaps fighting devils for 10 years all by myself had given me too much confidence.

But if there was an enemy here that was as strong as the horde of devils, then the royal capital would have already turned into their hell.

And so surely, I would be able to deal with this alone.

Maybe that was still a kind of arrogance.

I would have to ponder this very seriously later.


For now, I would enter the room.


I used Magic Search on the door.

There was lock magic. And it was done by a very advanced Sorcerer.

A palace Sorcerer would need an hour to unlock it.


“They must really want to keep me out.”


Or perhaps they wanted to keep something in.


I used Search to see if there was a trap. And then I listened.

There was no trap. But I did hear something. Something was moving inside.


“…Well, let’s see what it is then.”


I cast an unlocking spell on the door. There was a click, and the door was unlocked.

And then I slowly opened the door.

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  1. He just happened to run into ANOTHER canine with intelligence?

    Well if there are vampires it could be an escaped spirit wolf prepared for the same purpose as Grulf, which I think was stated but I don’t remember, but I think he would recognize the species after having been acquainted with one.

    Well, he’s a crossclass Sorcerer, Warrior, and Scout, so maybe he’s also picked up some kind of druidic aura that facilitates communication with animals, charms them, and gives them a wisdom buff. Like temporary pseudo-familiars.

    • you do realise, that dogs, or animals in general, are very inteligent right? or are you one of those retarded people that think that animals are just brainless and unfeeling furnitures?

      Animals are capable to do a lots of things, even without training, And somewhat comunicate throught simple gestures and gimmicks. It’s just people that lack the capability of understanding such things.
      And that’s just on an irl standpoint, here it’s a fantasy world, so even an average dog or cat could very well be more intelligent.
      There’s also the posibility that the dog witness his master/caretakers and all the people slowly turn into brainless dolls, wich explain his situation, he’s probable stared at them for a long while as he wondered what was going on, or hopped to be noticed and taken care of, therefore learning their patrol paterns and paths.

  2. When doggo started to show MC around, I thought maybe this was the master of the house and was turned into a dog but then I remembered that MC didn’t find a curse or anything. So I don’t know…

    But I do know that MC obtained new fluff for his menagerie!!! ALL THE FLUFF, MOFU MOFU! But I am still waiting on that feline!!!!!!! THERE NEEDS TO BE A FELINE TO COMPLETE THE FLUFF!!!!

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