10 Years After – 93


We had been so busy recently that it seemed like a lot of time had passed.

However, we had only caught Kabino at around midday. It was from here that the investigation would really begin.


“Also, Locke. I have given you the office of councilor. Remember that.”

“What? That sounds like too much trouble.”

“Well, the king’s representative should have control over the privy council. So it would be easier for you to act if you had some sort of position there.”

“I suppose you’re right…”

“I won’t publicize it. Do not worry.”

“In that case, I don’t mind…”


Obviously, councilors were usually known to the public.

It was a great honor to have that position and was usually given to great nobles who had been ministers.

But he was taking care to protect my identity by not making it known.


Goran listened to this and said,


“But if it’s not known, then he won’t be able to use his power?”

“I thought you would say that. And so I brought the councilor ring.”


Eric put this ring on the desk.

It was a seal that could be used on wax for letters.


“But then everyone would know he’s a counselor if wears that.”

“Oh, yes, that’s true…”

“I suppose you can just keep it with the necklace.”

“I’ll do that.”


I attached the ring to the necklace, just like Goran advised.

I would have to strengthen the string with magic so that it didn’t break.


After this, I asked Goran,


“What about the investigation of the Evil God base?”

“I sent a party of A Rank Adventurers. They should make a report within two or three days.”


Two or three days was too quick considering the distance.

That meant that the party must be using teleportation circles to travel.

Eric nodded and then muttered.


“…To think that Marquis Mastafon’s house had been taken over like that…”


According to Eric, Marquis Mastafon has been lord of financial affairs a few years ago.

He was supposed to be a capable man. He had an important job even after leaving that position.


“But last month, he suddenly claimed that he was sick and needed to rest…”

That was when the steward took over the house and locked him and his wife up.


“Philly said she was a fifth daughter. But where are her brothers and sisters?”

“The Marquis only has five daughters. The other four have either married or are studying abroad. The fifth daughter is the only one who remains in the capital.”

It was the one blessing amongst their misfortune, I suppose. That meant their whole family were now safe.


“Currently, the privy council and Adventurers guild are doing everything they can in investigating Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.”

“And the family?”

“They are being protected within the palace now. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good.”


I was relieved.

Since we were all gathered, I decided to ask Eric and Goran something that I had been wondering about.


“It seems like the enemy had been planning this for a long time… But their execution was really careless. What do you think?”

“What I think is… The dark ones realized that Locke had returned…?”

“That’s possible. And so maybe they had to speed things up.”

“So it’s my fault…”


Eric laughed.


“It’s not your fault, Locke. It’s thanks to your return that they failed, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. Thanks to you, things are easier to deal with. Who knows what would have happened had they continued to slowly make preparations and managed to summon the entire Evil God.”

“I am very glad that you returned Locke. Not just as your friend, but as the king. From the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you. I’m glad that you feel that way.”


It was clear that the dark ones were still plotting something.

We would have to continue to fight them.

As I was filled with a renewed resolve, Shia looked at me seriously and said,


“It would be safe to believe that there are other vampires working in the shadows.”

“In any case, we were able to take back Marquis Mastafon’s house, which they had taken years to make their bridge into the capital. This also means that we succeeded in robbing them of the ability to create the Fool’s Stone.”


Eric was right. It was a big deal that we were able to save Philly, the genius Alchemist.


“I will have to reward you again…”

“I just got a reward the other day. You can give them to me all at once some other time.”

“Sorry. Yes, the nobles will probably grow suspicious by so many rewards in rapid succession… Of course, don’t think that means I’ll forget your contributions.”

“Well, it’s really nothing.”


Just then, Goran seemed to remember something as he said,


“By the way, Locke. I heard that only Serulis and the others can open the door to this house. Is that really fair? Don’t you agree, Eric?”

“Yes. I wish you would allow me to open it as well…”

“Of course, I was going to register you two when you visited. Come with me.”


And so I took Eric and Goran with me to the gate to be registered with the magic lock. Eric and Goran laughed. They were in a good mood now.


We had killed the vampires that had actually invaded the city. We were safe for now.

This was a night to relax and enjoy ourselves.

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  1. “I would have to strengthen the string with magic so that it didn’t break.”

    That’s raising a flag man. One day, I can totally see a wagon barreling past him at high speed, then the unbreakable necklace will get caught on it somehow and ends up breaking his neck!

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