I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 20

Author: Kanata

The Promise 2


Reggie sighed as if to say, I knew it.


“Your body seems to be…fine at least. You’ve been fine all this time without any changes. Considering how shocked you seemed back there, I suppose you did not know that what you were being forced to drink was related to magic?”

I nodded.


“I see. That is a relief.”

Reggie smiled.

I stared at him in surprise.


“Are you not going to confine me like that failed magician? Who knows what the magic will do, or what might happen to my body…”

“What are you saying, Kiara? We would never do such a thing.”

Reggie said. He looked confused.


“There are no problems that we know of currently, and you can’t use magic yet. What reason would we have for locking you up?”

“But, who knows what will happen in the future, the same symptoms could show in me.”

“It is possible…”

As I explained to him why I was worried, Reggie stopped to think a moment before replying.


“Even so, it would be difficult to know for sure, as we have no acquaintances that are magicians. And we are unlikely to find anything if we just continue to raid the Margrave’s library. I will do what I can to find information once I’ve return to the royal palace.”
“Oh, really?”

Reggie nodded firmly.

I sighed with relief. The palace would surely have more information. There were also magicians employed by the royal family. Such people were more likely to be able to give accurate information.


“But Kiara, how long has it been since you were forced to drink it? The man in the dungeon appeared to be fine when we met him at the field of thundergrass. That would mean that he either returned once to Count Patorishiel or that he had another drink when he arrived. I assume that it hasn’t been two weeks at the longest since he drank it.”

“Hmmm. I was forced to drink it as soon as I was adopted, it’s been years now. The first time it made me sick for three days… I drank it again several times after that, but it only gave me a headache at worst. And so I believed that the Count was either giving me a special poison or some bizarre tonic.”

“Tonic? You do have a wild imagination.”

Reggie chuckled.


“But… it is most likely a kind of poison. If it really does cause one to die like that failed magician, then its effect is not much different then poison. But the fact that you drank it and are fine must mean that you have the right qualities to become a magician.”

I nod at Reggie’s words.

It was clear that those who lacked the right qualities would die, and no changes had occurred to my body. Just like the game from my past life.

But there was one question remaining, why could I not even use a shred of magic?


“The more important thing that I want to ask you, is why you started to talk about events two years in the future. Did you hear something from Count Patorishiel? Anything about movements, plans to invade two years from now?”

Apparently, that was the bigger issue to Reggie. It made sense, if an aggressive war was on the horizon, then it would be wise for him to know of it as soon as possible.

However, it was not as if I heard this information from someone.


“It was, really… A dream. I saw it in a dream.”

“A dream…:”

Reggie scowled and I was afraid that he would discard it as an empty dream.


“I don’t know how I can explain this to you, but the world is moving according to what I saw. Even I, if I had not escaped from the Count’s clutches, I would have married and become the Queen’s lady in waiting. And I, under the name Credius, would become a magician who followed the orders of the queen… I might have had to fight against Alan and the others. That is why I fled as soon as I saw the name of the man I was to marry in the letter.”

But now, I had other reasons for not wanting to become their enemy.


Alan had put me in a carriage and allowed me to work here. The Margrave couple welcomed me based on the trust their son gave me.

And after all that help, Reggie saved me just because I was a friend.

It was more than just wanting to survive, I could not think of harming anyone as an enemy.

However, saying all of this to Reggie would only serve to confuse him. And so I stopped there.


“It’s a fantastic and baseless story. But, I don’t care if you think that I’ve gone mad, just please be careful. In two years, if things indeed happen as I predicted, I will protect you as repayment for all you’ve done for me. So, if you would accept my help when the time comes… I would be very happy.”

I didn’t wish for him to understand everything.

I just wanted him to know that he was in danger, that I could become a magician, and that I wanted to help him. That was all.


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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