I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 21

No Good Comes From Over-Thinking Things



As they ascended the steps, Alan swallowed the words he was about to say.


It was not just the guard knight, Grol who was with Reggie. Kiara was there as well.

Furthermore, Reggie had entered Kiara’s room and closed the door behind him.



Alan had been about to say something but stopped himself.

Wait, a moment Reggie. Was this some lovers rendezvous!? He shouted in his heart.

And with Kiara no less. He had thought that Reggie seemed both sympathetic and helpful, but he had not believed this to be the reason for it.


(Wait, wait now, Alan. Reggie would not do such a thing so easily.)

If Reggie were a normal prince, him taking a lover would not be a problem.

But his situation was much too complicated. It could easily come to involve any related noble. And what if it were with someone who had ties to Ruain? Not only would he be marked, but he could be poisoned at any time.


(And, so?)

Kiara had fled from home and was completely alone. She was under the guise of being a relative of Alan, but even then, she was only known as a landowners daughter with the smallest blood connection at best. Even if some trouble did arise from this, Alan’s father would deal with it…


(No, no, wait! Father would never allow something so heartless.)

Ever since his mother Beatrice had won him over and become his wife, they were seen as being a loving couple, with a close bond that even common folk would envy.

His parents would not allow the girl, who they had given protection under their wing, to be used and discarded in such a way. Alan’s father was quite soft on Reggie, due to the hardship he faced growing up, but even he would be capable of being unreservedly furious with the prince.

But before any of that.


(Reggie was not a womanizer… Or at least, I very much wanted to believe it.)

It is not that Kiara was not pretty. But, to stand next to Reggie, who none could surpass in physical beauty, well, Kiara… was much too droll in her disposition.

But even then, she was a count’s daughter and need only act gracefully. But she was the type who would fall upside down from her bed when shouting an apology on her knees, or she would throw thundergrass and do all sorts of odd things. He would never see a Count’s daughter when he looked at her now.


And her current social status.

She herself had accepted it, and Reggie had not reacted at that time.

And so I don’t think that they wish for a future together…


(They get along too well)

Usually, it was Reggie and Alan that were always together when he came to visit the Margrave’s house. But this time, Reggie had allotted much of that time to being with Kiara. They were together all morning in the library, and there were times like today where they spent the evening together.

Because of this, Alan often felt a sense of boredom on the days where he had no one to practice with.


(No, that wasn’t it. It was not because I am jealous that I find fault with Kiara. I am just worried…)

And here, I see Reggie leaving Kiara’s room.

Reggie was still in the same clothes he was wearing when he told them about the attack and then gone out once again.

At a glance, Alan couldn’t help but notice that a patch on his cape was a dark green as if it had gotten wet.


“Your Highness, what were you talking…”

“Perhaps you shouldn’t ask such boorish questions, Grol?”

Reggie replied, leaving Grol quite speechless.


“Was-, was it the result of a proposal of separation…?”

He had gone to see her in the middle of the night, his clothes had signs of being wet. It must be the remnants of tears… Tears shed by Kiara. So many thoughts began to swim in Alan’s mind.

Perhaps that was why his outburst was overheard by the others. Reggie turned around and looked at him.


“You, you returned quite late then.”

Alan scrambled for words to say in greeting.


“Yes, it seems that Count Patorishiel’s men would stop at nothing to try and take Kiara back. I am sure you will hear the details of it soon. I think it will become very important. You will probably be roped into any plans Margrave Vain will have to make.”

“Argh… I do hate having to think of such things.”

This bickering between nobles. It would not be so simple as a head-on battle that would just end everything. Alan forgot all of his previous feelings of unrest just thinking about the mind games and hidden negotiations that would surely occur. He was annoyed.


“Think of is as a rehearsal, future Margrave. You should try to get used to it. After all, you aren’t completely incompetent when it comes to working your mind.”

“I’m not suited for it. What is worse, I completely lose any will to try, when I am surrounded by people who are much better at it than me.”


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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