I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 25

The incident that occurred too early

Author: Kanata



Alan immediately ran towards her and slashed at the wolf.

The beast howled and jumped back; a stream of blood now running down its body. It kept a distance now, looking at them them.


Madame Beatrice had stood up, but her leg appeared to be heavily wounded. Parts of her dress had been shredded by the wolf’s teeth, and she was covered in blood.


“Why… How could Madame Beatrice be hurt?”

Such a thing had not happened in the game. I had believed up until now that she would be safe.

In the game, Alan had avoided death as he was away from Everal castle. There was a short conversation between him and his mother about leaving the rest to her, before he left the fortress he was hiding in.

Actually, Madame Beatrice did not make any further appearances after that scene. And so I had no idea that she was even capable of fighting…

But then again. If Madame Beatrice was the type of person to enter into battle, why wouldn’t she have gone with Alan and his army?


When the situation was about the survival of the state, the lives of all their relatives would likely be forfeit if they lost after such defiance. There would not be any meaning in leaving her in a safe place. Knowing this, surely Madame Beatrice would have joined his men in the battlefield.


“Was it possible, that she couldn’t?”

What if she had been injured, and the only thing she could do was to stay and command the fortress?


Just now, Madame Beatrice seemed to have decided that she could no longer fight. She was dragging her leg as she came nearer to the carriage, Alan stood in front as if to protect her.

When Madame Beatrice saw me standing by the carriage and looking stunned, she shouted.


“Kiara!? Get back inside!”

I shook my head and ran towards her.


“You must come inside first!”

The winds of the wolves blew at us, but I supported Madame, who could barely walk with her wounded leg. Seeing her like this, Clara stood by in a position to protect us.

The other knights and soldiers had also come down from their horses to face the wolves. They would not be able to fight well on horseback when the sudden bursts of wind hit them.

Though, there were some with light wounds, none were in a serious condition. At least for the moment.

The horses were all gathered behind the wagon, but strangely, none of the wolves had even looked in their direction.


…Didn’t wolves usually attack horses for food?

I wondered, but my mind was already quite occupied with pushing Madame Beatrice back into the carriage.


“Maia, please help me!”

I called. Madame Beatrice could not climb the step needed to get in, and so Maia had to pull her up. And just as she stretched out her hand to pull me up too, I felt my heart suddenly start to beat strongly.



For a brief moment, there was a strange palpitation that took my breath away. I spun around.



Clara was shouting, then she had fallen onto me—no.

A wind wolf had come running from the side. It howled loudly as it was pierced by Clara’s sword. The wolf fell to the ground heavily, it shuddered as it’s gaze fixed on me.

Huh, was this wolf targeting me?


“Kiara, come in quickly!”


I tried to answer as I was about to get in when, with a thud, a single wind wolf landed on the roof of the carriage.

Perhaps it had created a wind and leaped up there, the blast of that sudden wind knocked me off my feet. Even Clara lost her balance.

And then the wind wolf came straight for me as it jumped down.



Why!? Was all I could think, shocked. It really was targeting me!?

I stared at its maw and the rows of sharp teeth, but I could not move from that spot. Just when I thought it was over, a man’s back in a dark green tunic and a black cape appeared before my eyes. The wolf that rushed forward was severed in half by his sword.


Red blood splattered.

I saw that some of it had covered Sir Wentworth as he turned around and his eyebrows narrowed. Alan was also a lot closer to my position now, perhaps he had seen that I needed help. He and the nearby soldiers were now intercepting the other wolves who were coming for me, preventing them from coming closer.


It was unmistakable. The wind wolves were after me.


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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