Jack of all Trades – 1

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I Came to Another World as a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None to Journey while Relying on Quickness
Jack of all Trades

Chapter 1

Death of the Clerk

Author: Kamifusen


On that day, I was at my part-time job, which was my only source of income. A midnight shift at the convenience store in front of the train station. The actual work that started after 10 pm was quite simple. Aside from, of course, dealing with customers who brought over whatever products they wanted to buy, I mainly just cleaned. The floors, shelves, toilet and a lot of machines. After having done this for a while, it practically became an instinct. The easier tasks could be finished in very little time.

That day was much like any other.

All sound faded away in front of the station as it was past midnight. The only thing you could see was the three colors of the traffic lights and the occasional speeding cars. I had finished some of my cleaning duties and gone out to the parking lot in order to pick up the fallen trash with tongs and collect it in garbage bags. I did this as I wandered around.

What about the store?

No problem. There were no customers. Once it passed 3 AM, hardly anyone would come. At 2 AM there would still be some people who would come to read the new weekly magazines, but it was a Tuesday. There were no magazines with such passionate readers being sold today.

After collecting quite a bit of trash, I straightened my bent back and stretched as I looked up at the sky. That something-triangle-shaped constellation was shining. Today would be sunny… I looked away from the sunless sky to make sure I hadn’t missed any garbage nearby.

And then something caught my eye. It was a person who was standing in the shadow of a telephone pole, the streetlights shining behind him.

Scary…!! Uh, was I just seeing things…?

I quickly looked over my shoulder as I returned to the store. The stranger was gone after the third time I looked. But this only increased my sense of horror even more.

I entered the store and made a beeline for the storage room that was behind a door near the cash register. I sat in front of the security monitor. Then I moved the mouse and viewed the feed of the parking lot in fullscreen. It was quite nice since I had just cleaned it. There wasn’t a speck of garbage.

As I continued to watch the feed during my break, a shadow of a person walking from the parking lot appeared.

I recognized him without the need to squint. It was him. Judging by the direction, he was on a straight course for this store. I switched the screen to show the feed from 4 cameras angles inside of the store; he had indeed come inside. Well, regardless of my personal feelings, a customer was a customer.

“Welcomme. Good eveningg.”

I forced my shaking feet to move as I greeted him. Most people who came at this time were incredibly tired, doing their midnight jobs, and they tended to be irritable. The trick was to use a loose, stretched out greeting instead of an energetic one. But then again, there were people who hated that too. But as far as my own experiences went, those kinds of people would be triggered over anything, and so the looser greetings were overall more effective.

Such were the out-of-place thoughts that ran through my head as I stood there. The intimidating customer had come directly towards the counter after entering. In this case, there were a few patterns that could follow. He was looking for something. He wanted something that was sold at the counter. And,

“Shut up and listen, if you don’t want to die. Take out all the money from the cash register.”

Convenience store robbery.

My mind went blank. I short-circuited. What? What did he say?

“Didn’t you hear me? Take out the money.”

No sound would come out of my throat, as if something was stuck inside. All the fear I had felt was now showing not only through my legs, but it was eating away at my back, arms, hands, and even my brain.

“Ah…um…, what, uh….?”

“Money. Take it all out from the cashier, and the storage room as well. You better hurry if want to avoid being hurt by this guy.”

So saying, the man, who was no customer, showed me his hand. He was holding a very large knife. There would have been less of a sense of reality had he been holding a gun. I might have stopped shaking and erupted into laughter as I patted the man on the shoulder. But this knife was reflecting the ceiling lights so brightly. It looked sharp. I could tell that this was no dream, no prank.

There was nothing I could do. There was no way that I could resist him. I opened the cash register with shaking hands.

Grabbing all of the three types of bills, I quickly offered them to him.


Jack of all Trades

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  1. A realistic description of robbery in progress. I hope I won’t have to experience it, if there’s no promise of reincarnating with a cheat in another world afterwards.

  2. For those who are first time reading this novel make sure to click on PAGE 2. That is not just text in bold letters but a link to the other half of the chapter. OR YOU WILL BE MISSING OUT A LOT JUST LIKE ME who has advanced 10 chapters already without realizing that there is a PAGE 2 PER CHAPTER. Also TL can you at least change the color of the font to make it recognizable and not just use black all over?

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