Jack of all Trades – 1


“There should be a safe in the backroom as well. Bring that too.”

But only the manager knew the number for that safe.

“Th-the…manager, alo..ne…knows….”

“Tsk…out of my way.”

The robber pushed me away. The force of the push made me crash into the cigarette shelf. The brand new boxes scattered all over the floor.

The robber entered the storage room and immediately began to violently rummage through shelves and files around the safe, scattering papers all over the ground as he looked. He was probably trying to find documents with the number. I watched from the cashier among the mess of cigarettes.

I doubted he had much time. There was a murderous look in his eyes as he turned around and then started to walk towards me. No, no, no!

“You little shit…I’ve had enough. You are no use to me now. Die.”

At that moment, I had no idea what was happening. The first thing I noticed was heat. My stomach was hot as if it were burning. My vision showed a world of colors that was neither black nor white, before turning into the face of the robber, who stood in front of me. There was an intense rage in his eyes as he let out a vulgar laugh. I shook, and slowly lowered my gaze.

The source of the heat I had felt was a knife sticking out of me.

“Ah…ggg-a….no…this can’t…”

“It is. You’ll die for seeing my face.”

My uniform turned red with blood. I looked up again. The smile disappeared from the man’s face as he raised his foot and began to kick me.


I reflexively cried out. This bastard…he was kicking the handgrip of the knife…

There was nothing I could do but crumple on the floor. My arm had caught onto the shelf, scattering even more cigarettes.

“Tsk… You’re in the way.”

The man stepped on me as if I was part of the floor and fled to the front of the counter. I had no strength to go after him. I lay, covered in cigarettes as I slowly moved my arm and touched the handle of the knife. Slowly, my hand lowered to my stomach, but I could not feel the hilt. Apparently, it had entered my stomach along with the blade.

Well then…there was no hope for me…

A feeling much like resignation took over my body. There was no going back from this state. I could not feel like doing anything anymore.

My eyelids slowly closed as I surrendered. My vision turned black.

Ahh…so, so this would be my end… I had paid good money to attend a professional school, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get hired. And I had to work this part-time job to survive. I would sleep in the afternoon and live out these days trying to pay for my scholarship. It was pathetic… I had thought, I had thought that I would do so many other things… So many things, the list was endless.

I thought, my life would be so much better…

My consciousness slowly grew hazier. The sensations in my limbs, the heat that had burned so much was now gone.

And at that moment before death, I heard one final voice.

“Confirmation of a subject who wishes to be summoned. Unique Skill ‘Jack of all Trades and Master of None’ granted.”

What was that…? Did someone just say something incredibly rude to me…?

Ahh…no, I was done…my consciousness…


Translator’s note:
Decided to pick this up because it looked interesting. Feel free to leave feedback and let me know if there are any mistakes. Thank you.


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  1. Apart from the original saying being “Jack of all trades, master of one” but really how many people know that anymore? Certainly not the author. Thanks for spending your time translating and editing so I could a smartass instead of asleep.

  2. Thanks for translating. I was a little hesitant after checking the description over at NU (especially after starting to read two failure stories translated elsewhere, all today) but… It’s looking promising! I’m going to hang around. The spelling & grammar looks pretty darn good, too. Now.. next chapter.

  3. Is that a familiar person?? the one who stabbed you??
    Whatever… he got a skill…. a cheat one i presume… but I need to jump into it somehow….
    Thanks for picking this up…

  4. This is an over the top way of dying for a reincarnation story. It’s not an accident or accidental murder like any other, it’s an intentional murder with quite some detail.

    If there is no callback to this situation or the murderer later in the story, then this will just be a useless chapter..

  5. The system announcement at the end reminds me of Slime Datta Ken! 🙂

    This looks good! Sounds like he should become strong because the full saying is “Jack of all trades, master of none, but still better than the master of one.”

    Thank you for the chapter!

  6. “I watched from the cashier among the mess of cigarettes.”

    It’s a shame he wasn’t capable of thinking, “I should run away while he’s preoccupied.” Well… if he really did then he’d probably just get hit by truck-kun instead, even at that time of night. 😛

  7. Holy cow, a part-time cashier job that is able to pay for all his bills and his college bills. I work full time as a QC tech, and it’d take 6 months just to pay for one math class while paying everything else.

  8. “and live out these days trying to pay for my scholarship”
    Don’t know whether this is a translation error, author error or deliberate showing mangling of dying man’s thoughts. But shouldn’t he be paying off student loans rather then a scholarship?

    Thanks for the chapter. Looking good.

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