I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 28

Capture A Magician


After that, the magical beasts became more active, as if my predictions had become true.


Alan, who had come out to kill the beasts, shouted the order and a volley of arrows was unleashed from the line of archers at his back.

He and his men were hiding among the trees, their fiery arrows created streaks of light as they flew. They were headed straight for the mass of sky jellyfish that were floating above the prairie.

There were at least ten of the creatures, their long, semi-transparent legs reached up to swat the arrows out of the sky, but at least a third of the fiery arrows found their targets, and brought them down in a cloud of steam.

Alan and his men were about an hours ride from the castle.

Monster slaying such as this had now become a routine that occurred at least twice a week. This was because the nearby towns and villages had started to report sightings of magical beasts.

Before the monsters were completely destroyed, I turned my gaze to a different direction and started to run through the grove on horseback.

Cain followed close behind me.

That night, one month ago. I had told him that I would search for a magician, and he had asked, ‘Would that help in protecting the Margrave and his family?’ I nodded, and he then agreed to help me.

But there was one thing that puzzled me.

Cain had heard what I’d said to Alan, then persuaded Alan that I was not an enemy. Cain said that he would believe in me, but did he not think the story of my past life was absurd?

I asked him this, and he replied:

“My parents were killed in the last war with Ruain. At the time, we were not able to see Ruain’s devious traps. They were ambushed while sending reinforcements to Landor in the south. Back then, everyone had heard the number of troops Ruain had dispatched to Landor and assumed that they would not be able to touch the Margrave’s lands. We had even heard that heavy rainfall had caused landslides, which blocked the roads connecting to Ruain. If that were the case, then it was unthinkable for an army to pass through. But in fact, Ruain had been hiding its troops there, under the guise of workers clearing the roads. But no one had realized this.”

He smiled grimly.

“Because of this negligence, citizens who were close to the border and people who were out in their fields were also killed. And so I endeavor to never ignore any information, no matter how small it may seem. In the present, things that have never happened before are starting to happen. Considering all of that, I decided that your warnings should not be ignored.”

He had decided that given the circumstances, there was a ‘slim chance.’

I was quite relieved to hear this determined explanation, instead of just blind belief. And so I was happy to accept his offer to cooperate with me.

I dashed through the forest on a horse that was covered in dark black spots. From behind, Cain followed after me on a gray horse.

This was something I had to do in order to find one–A magician.

A month since that night, we’ve repeated this. I’ve been able to feel the sensation from the stone that the Princess of Thorns gave me, even when I was moving.

But every time, as if detecting me, the presence that I believed was a magician would run away.

Furthermore, there were usually monsters near the magician. And as I had no combat abilities, and had only Cain to accompany me, it was always difficult to get closer.

‘Perhaps the magician is controlling the monsters.’ That was Cain’s theory.

And it appeared to be the case, for when the monsters began to appear regularly and attack the towns, I would sense the presence of the magician close by.

Cain reported this finding to the Margrave and Margravine. He suggested that if this magician were defeated, then the harm from the monsters would also decrease. Thanks to this, Cain was assigned to assist me and I was given permission to search for the magician.

Even so, we were not to spread the knowledge that I was able to see where the magician was.

The Margravine was very worried that people may be disappointed if I failed, they might mistake me for a failed magician and persecute me. She was worried about such things and demanded that only the two us go on the search to avoid these dangers.

Alan… For now, he remained silent about it.

I’m sure that he too had a lot to think about. He would occasionally look at me as if he wanted to say something, but he never did. I didn’t feel any hostility in his gaze, but we would rarely exchange words anymore.

Regardless, the quickest way to prove my innocence was to become a magician. Until then, no matter what explanations I gave Alan, I would still have nothing that would satisfy him. It would be fruitless.

Because I needed proof.

Of course, if we waited, then my words would prove to be true. But then it would be too late.

So I could only hope that he would wait as I rushed to make contact with the magician.

“…We’re close!”

I said. Cain then advised that we continue on foot to be cautious.

In order to surprise the magician, I took the tool that had been tied to the horse and slowly moved forward. Cain had a bundle of yarn. I had two water flasks.


I Will Not Become an Enemy!

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