I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 28


It was just the two of us. I was practically baggage when it came to combat, so we had talked and decided together on how to capture the magician.

After walking for about twenty meters, I could see the back of a lone elderly figure sitting on a fallen tree. The elderly figure resembled a hermit, wearing a sand-colored robe of sackcloth that reached the ankles and a dark, hooded cape, likely to hide in the shadows. There was a cane leaning nearby. It was made of a straight tree branch with a T-shaped handle that suggested it was for walking.

The elder’s gaze went in the direction of a clearing in the trees. There was a clear view of the raging sky jellyfish in the and the rain of fiery arrows that fell on them.

I mentally did a fist pump in the air.

There was no doubt that this person was the magician I had searched for this whole month. We had chased with only a sensation to guide me, we fled from attacking monsters, and we had encountered this elder three times in all.

But now there were no monsters nearby. Perhaps the magician had thought it would be safe, given the distance, and because Alan was concentrated on fighting them.

Another advantage for us was that the magician seemed to be preoccupied with controlling the beasts, and had not noticed us yet.

I and Cain nod at each other.

A moment later, Cain threw the net.


The magician was startled. While the net may have been meant to catch fish, it easily covered the magician’s whole body. But that would not be enough. As the elder immediately tried to break the net with magic, I stepped forward and poured water all over the magician’s body with the extra large flask.

“That’s cold!”

A scream came from the old man, which I ignored.

As a finishing touch, I grabbed what was in the second flash and threw it at the magician.

The leaves shone between the sunlight that poured between the cracks in the trees. Below was a body and head that looked like a bulb. It’s roots thrashed happily around.

The thundergrass had been trapped in a dark space for so long, that it was now so happy to be free in the sunlight again, that it discharged electricity as it fell.

And then it his its target.


While not visible, it seemed that the electricity had run through the water covering the magician’s body.

After that final scream, the old man’s body went limp on the ground.

This was the only method to attack that I could think of, as someone who couldn’t use magic. And surely, one thundergrass would not be enough to kill. I assumed it would be just enough to prevent the magician from moving.

“…He’s not, dead…right?”

I asked, but Cain looked a little worried.

For the present, I picked up the stunned thundergrass with a stick and threw it far away. Then we tied up the magician with the net.

As we did this, the magician was groaning, so we knew he was alive.

Once we had him completely bound up, Cain held a sword at the magician’s neck as I started to shake him to wake him up.

“Waake uuuuuup. Riiisse aaand shiiiine Miiiister Magician.”

I had no idea of what I should say, which resulted in such nonsense. But it was effective, as his eyes opened wide.

“Who are you bastards!”

“We’re the ones who have captured you.”

To the side, Cain was mumbling ‘that’s a…rude way to put it.’

On the other hand, the magician seemed to have recognized my face.

“Hmph, aren’t you the fools who interfered with my beasts recently? I remember you, that was three days ago. Hehe.”

The magician, who resembled a dead tree branch let out an eerie laugh.

“I suppose you think you’re going to catch this old man and stop me from inciting the monsters, eh? Heheeheee.”

“No. I want to know how to become a magician. Can you answer me that?”

Apparently, my answer was unexpected because the old magician’s eyes widened for a second.

“Ohh, do you wish to die young and in a burst of sand? Hehehe…”

What, you die and become sand for just trying to become a magician!?

He seemed to sense my wavering, as he now had a devilish smile as he laughed.

“There are not many out there who can become a magician, you know. Even though a master might lead them, half will still turn into sand. It all comes down to whether you can bear the contract of the stone… Eh hee hee he. A lady like you with a long future does not have a chance. Everyone who attempts to become a magician does so, because they have no other way to live. He heee…”

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  1. His attitude changed quick. I wonder if he’s scaring her on purpose because they annoyed him with all the stalking and electrifying.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Hello, I’m back I’m still with the university but I wanted to translate chapters of this novel,

    I have already lost count of the times that I have told you that this novel is my favorite, but I still say it again, I love this novel, I can not believe that it has lasted so long to translate the chapters, they have been great, the explosion of kiara confessing everything to Allan, the union of Cain and Kiara, the hemorso that is Reggie and how much I miss him and I want him to reappear.

    Thank you very much for translating this, for letting me translate it, you are incredibly great, you can not imagine how much I love you, many kisses from the Dominican Republic, it is my country of origin.

    bye, bye and remember to take care of your health.

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