Jack of all Trades – 24

-The Ruins and the Giant Wolf-

Fortunately, Beowulf did not attack us before we reached the building. Though it was possible that he was observing us from a short distance away.
But right now, we were focused on the structure. The building that we were looking up at was made of stone and in fact, looked like an ancient ruin. Its layered stones were covered in a blanket of ivy. There were no doors in its wide entrance, and it was too dark to see what lay inside.

“This building is huge…”
“Asagi, this is an ancient elven ruin.”

Ancient Elves?

“My ancestors from ancient times. They were not diverse as our tribes are now, it is said that they were established as a single tribe.”
“So, then you’re not sure…”
“Aye. Some might say that they are long extinct.”

Daniela looked at me and chuckled.
“We are still here, though. We’ve branched out into different groups, but the blood of the ancient elves still runs in our veins.”

I suppose that was true. If the ancient elves really were extinct, than there wouldn’t be elves in this world. This ruin was proof of a history that continued for years.

“Well then, let’s pay your ancestors a visit.”
“Aye, let us see them.”

We give each other a nod and together, enter the ruins left by the ancient elves.

□   □   □   □

It was dark inside. Or so I thought at first, but the deeper we went in, the brighter it started to become. Most of the light was from holes in the roof that let in rays of moonlight. This building with its long history, was starting to fall apart. There were fallen doors and collapsed ceilings every once in a while.

“Hmm, it is surprisingly intact.”
“You think so? It looks like a dump to me…”
“Not really. It is said that the ancient elves perished one thousand years ago. And a building from that far away an era is still standing. Perhaps it is still alive.”
“It is said that the ancient elves lived in a time of advanced magic. So, it is possible that this ruin itself is…”
“An instrument, like a machine?”

In other words, while the exterior may be that of a sad ruin, the insides could be brimming with technology. In that case, there could be something useful here that would help us destroy that Beowulf creature.

“Good, let us explore then. We may find something that can help us fight him.”
“I was just thinking the same thing. Great, so we…”

Daniela whispered as she held a finger up to her lips.

“…It seems that he has come.”
“Are you serious…”

I guess we would not be able to leisurely look around. I quickly scan my surroundings. There was an entrance to the far right that led to another room.

“Daniela, over here.”

I lightly tap her shoulder and point to the far right. She nods and we both make our way through the entrance. It was a room, but much larger than the others, though not quite large enough to be called a hall.

“Right… This looks like a good size to contain him while preventing him from running around too much.”
“Nice thinking.”
“I’m sure he’ll catch up with us real quick, but he won’t be able to run wild at a speed we can barely follow if he’s in here.”

We hid in a corner of the room and immediately began to make plans.

“Beowulf is a giant wolf. Regardless of his size, he still runs on four legs, has a sensitive sense of smell and is very fast.”
“How would you fight him, Daniela?”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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  1. He should just get his Ice Bullet ready! I remember its speed so it would be able to kill Beawulf!

  2. So this part, “It is said that the ancient elves perished one thousand years from now.” should be “It is said that the ancient elves perished one thousand years ago”. “From now” implies in the future.

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