10 Years After – 245

The Multiplying Vampire


In reaction to my Magic Lance, the man quickly changed the density of his barrier.

Which of course, meant that the barrier used to block Eric’s holy sword became thinner.

And there was no way that the thinner barrier could block Eric’s holy sword.



Eric’s sword reached the man. However, in the last moment, the man dodged the attack with a move that seemed inhuman.

It was as if he were a soft creature with no bones in his body. Yes, in spite of appearances, he really was a monster.



The strange voice rang as he moved away. However, Eric’s skill with the sword was not ordinary.

Even when swinging at such great speed, he was able to change its trajectory. And before I knew it, the holy sword had cut open the right side of the man’s stomach.


Still, it wasn’t a lethal wound. And I had to admit that it was quite impressive.

That being said, the damage was still great. And so the speed at which he created barriers began to slow down just a little.

And yet the result was still that of someone who was several times faster than most first-rate sorcerers.

Though it still was too slow to block my magic lances. And they were also too thin.


At this point, there were as many as 12 lances piercing his body.

His face contorted with pain. Even though he wasn’t dying, he was taking heavy damage.


I could not help but be relieved then. Which was my mistake. Just then, Goran’s voice echoed.

“This isn’t over!”

His voice surprised me and a chill went down my spine.


An intense will to kill. I frantically rolled forward.

Immediately after, a slash attack that was so fast that my eyes could not follow it, moved where my neck had been.

He had come in behind me while escaping my notice. And the arm that had been cut off by the holy blade had been restored.

As I had lost my balance, he moved in for a follow up attack. It was just as I was going to put up a barrier…


“Too slow!”

Goran’s sword came in from the side and cut into the man’s left arm and body all at once.



His face twisted as he let out a cry of pain.


“There were two of them?”

Eric shouted. He too could not hide his shock.

After all, the one that had been injured by his sword and my magic was still there.


“We just need to kill both of them!”

Kathe shouted as her claws went into the one that had been cut by the holy sword.

He tried to escape her by jumping into the air, but Kathe was quicker. Her claws sank deep into his flesh.



Bloody bubbles poured from his mouth. And yet he was smiling.


There was a loud noise, and the man exploded. But it wasn’t just an explosion.

His entire body was turning into a poisonous mist. And it was spreading with an explosive wind.


“It’s poison! Don’t breathe it in!”

I shouted. At the same time, I tried to deal with it.

While creating a barrier around everyone, I used wind magic to push the poison mist outside.



It seemed to have worked. Protecting the party members was my important role.


“I see that this won’t be easy!”

The man’s voice came from behind me. At the same time, he slashed with his sword. I barely managed to block it with the Devil King Sword.

Apparently, this man was able to make duplicates of himself. If you allowed him, he would easily appear behind you.


“How many of you are there?”

“Why should I tell someone who is about to die?”

“I see.”


But this was incredibly dangerous.

When I looked around, I saw that Eric, Goran and Kathe were also fighting.

And while they didn’t seem to be losing, they didn’t have a clear advantage either.


Koko wa Ore ni Makasete Saki ni Ike to Itte kara 10 Nen ga Tattara Densetsu ni Natteita

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