My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 59

I Volunteered for Guard Duty

Phillip and Nicholas both let out a sigh and then sat down by the fire.
They had to carry their heavy loads through the forest, and then the orcs were added to that. And then there were the tents. And while they had the plants I made with Weed Cultivation, it was no wonder that they were exhausted.
Sebastian must have been tired as well, but he showed no signs of it.
…Though, he had shown signs of other things along the way… He really was a mystery.

“Dinner will be ready soon, so please rest and wait.”

Ms. Lyra realized that everyone was gathered together now, and so she addressed them while looking at the contents of the pot.
Previously, when Leo had cut the orc meat, we had just used branches as skewers and roasted it.
But this time, Ms. Lyra was making a proper meal.
While she wasn’t a professional like Ms. Helena, her cooking during lunch time had been simple yet delicious. And so I had high expectations.

“Well, while we are waiting, we should decide who will stay up and watch during the night.”
“Keep watch?”
“Yes. After all, monsters live in this forest And there are wild beasts. If we are going to camp in such a place, it is necessary for someone to stay up all night and keep watch. If everyone slept at the same time, it would be like asking the monsters to attack us.”
“That’s true. It’s just that I’ve never had to think of such things in the place that I lived…”
“No one ever had to stay up and keep watch where you are from, Mr. Takumi?”
“Yes. There were no monsters there. We did have wild animals, but there weren’t many that would actually attack humans. Besides, all the places that we could camp in were guaranteed to be safe.”
“Is that so.”

Ms. Claire, Sebastian and the others were all interested in these safe camping areas that I talked about.
However, it was only possible because there were not many dangerous beasts in Japan.
Besides, people only camped in designated areas where safety was secured in advance.
But in this world, there were also monsters to deal with.
If there were wild beasts and monsters that attacked humans in the area, then it was only natural that they would need people to keep watch.
It was another reminder of how different this place was.

“While I’ll be interested in hearing more about your home later, Mr. Takumi, we should first decide who will keep watch.”
“We should take turns. If one person stays up until morning, they won’t be much use tomorrow.”
“I will take the first watch then.”
“Very well. Phillip will be first. And…Johanna and Lyra. Is that all right?”
“That is fine.”
“And lastly… Nicholas and I will take the final watch.”

Oh? I understood why Ms. Claire was exempt, but what about me?

“Mr. Sebastian. Shouldn’t I keep watch as well?”
“Mr. Takumi… Judging by everything that I’ve heard, you are not used to such things.”
“…Yes, that is true, but…”

I had never gone out camping before.
So, of course, I had never kept watch for a whole night.
However, I did not like the idea of sleeping in a tent until morning, while the others had to stay up.

“Mr. Sebastian, please let me have a turn as well. While it’s true that I lack experience, I cannot allow all of you to do everything…”
“…I see… Hmm. What should we do…”
“Wuff. Wuff.”
“Hmm? What is it, Leo?”

As I asked Sebastian, and he considered it, Leo started to bark loudly.
Was she saying that she would keep watch with me?

“Do you want to help guard the camp, Leo?”

Leo nodded at my words.
If Leo was with me, it would be a great comfort even if I was inexperienced.
Sebastian must have felt the same, as he nodded with approval.

“Very well then. In that case, we will let Mr. Takumi and Leo take the first watch. Are you alright with that, Phillip?”
“Very well.”
“Thank you.”
“As this is your first time, please wake someone up if you notice even the slightest irregularity. …Though, I doubt we have anything to worry about with Leo here.”
“Leo? While she is very reliable, are you sure?”
“Yes. Earlier, when we were in the forest, Leo noticed the presence of the orcs before any of us did. And so she will likely detect any monsters before they get close to our camp.”

Leo nodded as if to say ‘leave it to me!’
Now that I thought about it, Leo had also been quick to detect the orc when we first came to this forest.
Was it their presence? Or was it their smell that allowed Leo to detect them?
If Leo was here, maybe I didn’t even need to keep watch… But I had to be useful for something, and so I would do my best.

“Well then, it will be Mr. Takumi, Leo, Phillip, Johanna, Lyra, Nicholas, and myself. It will start at ten o’clock at night, and we will trade places every three hours.”

Sebastian took out a pocket watch and looked at it as he spoke.
If it started at ten and was for three hours…I had to stay up until one.
Though, I still wasn’t used to the way time was measured in this world.
I think that it would be similar to eleven to two in my old world.
As I was thinking about the time, Claire came to sit down on the opposite side of Leo as she opened her mouth.
I had been deep in thought. I wonder what was the matter?

“…Sebastian. I will take the watch as well.”
“You, Lady Claire? …I cannot agree to that.”

So Ms. Claire wanted to be on guard duty too… Perhaps she was like me, and didn’t want to sleep while the others stayed up.
However, Sebastian rejected her request flatly.
The others also nodded in agreement.

“But why? Mr. Takumi isn’t accustomed to doing it, but that hasn’t stopped him? And so I don’t know why it should be any different with me.”
“Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi will have the Great Leo with him. Besides, my lady, you already seem so exhausted. You must allow us to guard you as you rest.”
“If you are not fully recovered by tomorrow morning, and have no strength to explore the forest, then we will have no choice but to return to the mansion. Is that what you want?”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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