Seisan Mahoushi – 82

Chapter 82 – We Ran Away!

We were able to escape the sandbank and reach the other side of the river.

Perhaps because so many of them had fallen, the Hell Alligators stopped chasing after us.

“Hah…hah… We managed to cross it. But…”

Monica was out of breath as she looked at the Minotaur baby.

She could not hide her own surprise.
However, since it had helped us, she thanked it immediately.

“You saved us… Thank you.”

Upon hearing this, the Minotaur baby’s face seemed to brighten.

But the same could not be said for Monica.

With such a small body, it had knocked the Armor Boar off its feet.
Yes, it really was the baby of a Minotaur. At the same time, it showed how terrifying Minotaurs could be.

I turned to Monica.

“Were you hurt?”
“Fletta and I are both fine. And thank you too, Joshua and everyone else. You saved me again… I really don’t know how I can repay you.”
“Don’t worry about it. And more importantly…”

I answered and then turned towards Fletta.

She had picked up the Minotaur and was now petting it on the head.

“Really! Jumping out like that without warning! …But, thank you. You saved us.”

The Minotaur mooed in reply.

Upon seeing this, Melk opened her mouth.

“It doesn’t have a name then? You should call it Moo.”
“How simple-minded…”

Asuha muttered, but Melk insisted that it was easy to remember.

“Moo! I like it! Is that alright!?”

Fletta asked, and the Minotaur nodded immediately.

I happened to agree with Asuha about the name, but if the person in question was fine with it…

“In any case, this place is dangerous because there are too many Hell Alligators. Fletta. Can you guide us to where the others are?”
“That’s right. Fletta, where is everyone? Are they alright?”

Fletta nodded cheerfully at Monica’s words.

“Yes! Everyone is in the forest over there!”

Fletta pointed to the north side. So we would be able to reach them if we followed the river up north.

“I see. That’s a relief…”

Monica said with a hand on her chest. And then Fletta grabbed onto her leg with a joyous expression.

“I’m so glad you’re back… I still can’t find father and mother. So if I lost you too…”
“Fletta… I’m so sorry. But these people here have promised to help us now.”

After that, we all introduced ourselves.
Lastly, Melk said,

“Leave it to us. Joshua is strong, so these cows will be nothing. In fact, by tomorrow, we shall be dining on some delicious stea…”

Asuha quickly covered Melk’s face with her wings. She did this out of consideration for Moo the Minotaur.

“Mr. Joshua, Ms. Iria, Ms. Melk, Ms. Asuha… And Wiz. Yes! You were all so strong! I was surprised!”

Said Fletta. Monica nodded.

“I was surprised as well. I did not think you were this strong…”

After seeing how Iria and Melk fought, few people wouldn’t be surprised. Even I was a little afraid of them.

Fletta continued.

“Mr. Joshua and his friends can defeat the bad cows for us!”
“Hey! We are the ones who are going to fight! And as a proud elf, you must take up a bow as well!”
“…But I don’t like fighting.”

Fletta made a face as she said this. Monica looked rather sad.

“I do not enjoy it either… But now that this has happened… In any case, please take us to where the others are.”
“Very well… It’s over this way!”

Said Fletta, and then she headed to the north.

As we followed after her, I began to carve up the Hell Alligators that Iria had defeated in my Magic Workshop.

So many of them had been killed.
The meat could help feed the elves, and I could make bows out of the bones and skins.
Judging by the skills that Monica had shown earlier, the elves would surely turn into formidable archers.

However, they did not want to fight… On the other hand, I did wonder why the Minotaurs attacked them in the first place. And so suddenly…
When I looked at Moo, it did not seem like they were aggressive by nature. And it seemed they didn’t attack those they felt indebted to.

If I could find out the reason that the Minotaurs attacked the elves, perhaps I could find a way to avoid any further fighting.

It was with such thoughts that I crafted the bows.

Like this, we eventually arrived at the forest where the elves had fled.

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