Royal Magician – 38

Part 1: Chapter 38 – The Green Giant

They must have realized that the support magic that was concealing them had been deactivated.
The goblin king then raised what looked like a great tree, and unleashed an earth shattering roar.

That was the signal to attack.
And so the goblin horde rushed forward all at once.

There were more than a thousand of the monsters, and they attacked us like a storm.

And so I chose to meet them with as much firepower as I could muster.

I used Multi-Cast, Enhance, and Boost in order to maximize my mana.
And then I double-cast Spell Boost and Mana Charge to increase the area of effect.
Then I waited for the goblins to get as close as possible.


Wind Blast.

A powerful, pressurized, explosive wind was unleashed.
The ground swelled up, carrying the goblins as they fled, and throwing them into the distance.

The frontlines crumbled.
Without a moment’s delay, I rushed forward and unleashed my magic at the goblin king.

Air Raid Storm.

Blades of wind tore through the air.
However, while they cut through the trees like they were jelly, the blades were not able to make as much as a scratch on the goblin king’s skin.

“Unbelievable. What endurance…”

I was shocked at the toughness that exceeded my expectations.

And then there was the cool down that occurred after unleashing a powerful spell.
From both sides, goblins rushed towards me while raising their stone-bladed weapons.

However, I knew that I did not have to deal with them.

Lightning Blitz.

Thunder cracked through the air, and the goblins crumbled to the ground.

“Leave it to me.”

It was my weakness that while the spells used a lot of mana and did a lot of damage, they left me open afterwards.
But Luke was more balanced and was never open. And so he would generally support me whenever we fought large monsters.

‘Why are you always so careless! You have to think about what happens after you attack!’
‘Thinking about that will only hold me back! I always live in the present!’

As our personalities and strengths were so different, we would always be fighting at first.

But now, we could understand each other even without words.

Those days, the two of us, devoting ourselves to magic.
The many, many hours spent.

Ah, yes. It really made me not want to lose.

I wanted to be the person I was back then. Able to stand next to Luke as a rival.

And so I had to become stronger.

The youngest Adamantite-rank.
My friend had gone so far ahead of me.
The very idea of someone who couldn’t make it in the countryside being equal with him again. It would be laughably difficult.

I know it.

And yet, I wanted to believe.
Even if everyone in the world told me it was impossible, I had to believe in myself, even if I was the only one.

Surely, I can do it.
I can be the person I want to be.

After all, I don’t know what will happen to me if I don’t.

Just one step at a time is fine.
In order to move ahead.

I could not stand still here.

Sorry, goblin king. But I am taking you down.

And so I targeted the green giant and moved forward.

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