Royal Magician – 84

Chapter 84 – Possibility

“You. I heard that you put on quite a show in front of the crown prince.”

Luke nodded to Gawain.

“I’m sorry. For not telling you.”
“It is fine. You should do as you want. After all, this is something you cannot compromise on, yes?”

Gawain said with a serious expression.

“And is there any hope?”

Luke was a little troubled about how to respond.

He did not like to rely on others.
If he could do something, he would take care of it himself. And if he could not do something, then he would work hard until he could do it.

That was how Luke Waldstein had lived up until now.

‘You have no worth or reason to live, if you are not the best.’

His strict father’s words had remained within him like a curse.

And it was for that reason, that he felt he must change.

He had lived without relying on anyone, but now someone important had appeared before him.
And he was willing to do anything to stay by her side.
He would not allow himself to be swayed by remnants of his father.

It could be little by little.
But he would start to change.

‘Hey, hey! Luke! Could you help me with this?’

Just as she had done.

“I was wondering if I could confide in you, a little?”

Luke said awkwardly. Gawain nodded.

And so Luke told him of his plan.
He knew more than anyone how his current plan was lacking.

It had flaws and was incomplete.
If possible, he would have wanted to keep it to himself, deep in his heart.

However, that would not do.
If he could strengthen his chances, then he had to take that opportunity.

After hearing Luke’s plan, Gawain opened his mouth.

“This is secret information that only a few within the palace are aware of. But I trust you. You understand?”

Luke nodded.

“After that battle, she will become even more well-known. And some of the more open-minded nobles are starting to hold her in high-regard as a magician. Even His Majesty the king is interested in her.”
“His Majesty…”

First, surprise. Then understanding.
She had fought so well against the Holy Blade.
It was only natural for them to be interested.

Besides, the possibility had struck him as soon as she was selected for the fight.

“If both of you continue to rise in importance within the kingdom, even the prince will find it more difficult to move you around as he pleases. So you just have to prove that it is as buddies, that you two can demonstrate your real potential and power. And I have an idea for how you can do it.”

Gawain stared at Luke as he continued.

“The Viceroza Grand Dungeon. One of the most difficult of all dungeons. The 79th level has been conquered.”

Luke gasped at those words.
The Viceroza Grand Dungeon.
It was located in undeveloped territory where monsters lived. And all of the countries around it considered it to be the most harsh dungeon in terms of difficulty.

One thousand and seven hundred years had passed since its discovery.
And still, no one had reached the end of it.
The floor boss of the 79th floor was especially difficult, and it had stopped the progress of Adventurers for twenty years.

“Anyone passing into the 80th floor would be a first in human history. Our neighbors are already sending their finest in order to investigate. Adventurers travel to it from all over the world. And I’ve received orders from above to create a list of magicians who would be good candidates.”
“And you mean to choose us?”
“No. I will not.”
“Due to interference from some nobles, the process has not been smooth, with things being delayed. It will take too long if you go through all the official procedures. And so you should just go on your own. I will do what I can to cover for you.”
“Are you sure about this?”

Luke said with concern.

“If you get a raise, I’ll expect you to buy me dinner.”
“I’ll buy anything you want.”

Luke said with a deep bow. And then he quickly left the room.

Unexplored territory. The harshest dungeon. And the elite fighters were gathering there.
A chance to prove that together, they could achieve things that no one else could.

And so Luke Waldstein prepared to head to the battlefield.

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