Court Magician – 29

Chapter 29 – Floor Boss 4

“…!! That…bastard…! So he was just lying about not having enough mana!!”

The air had twisted and distorted.
It was illusion magic.
And the person who had used it must be Loki, who continued to laugh boisterously.
Besides, I was pretty sure that Clashia and Yorha did not have the aptitude for illusion magic.

Illusion magic was known to consume a great quantity of mana, and the fact he was using it meant that everything he had said about having Clashia help with Teleport was a lie.

And so Ornest was shaking with fury, and veins were popping out on his forehead.

“Damn me for even worrying…!”

Ornest cursed as he watched the Dullahan’s legs start to freeze with a loud crackle.

“No, no. It was because of your sincere concern that the Dullahan did not notice it was an illusion. It believed that we were there. Such small things are important when tricking things!”

In other words, the fact that we were worried about them showed in our actions.
He used the fact that the enemy was intelligent against it. And it had worked.

In the meantime, Ornest clutched his spear and closed in on the enemy again…

“Yes. I knew that you would charge at the enemy while angry. Yes. I knew, I knew.”

I wondered if those words had any special meaning.

“And that’s why I had it placed there.”

In the next instant, a single magic circle was activated and appeared ahead of Ornest.
It was familiar to me now. Teleportation magic.

And the person who set it was likely…

“I see… Clashia. So that’s why you had Clashia help you with the teleport magic.”

The work of Clashia Annerose. The most dexterous person I knew.
Yorha, Ornest and I had no aptitude for healing magic at all.

And for that reason alone, she focused on training with it, and eventually became an expert with healing magic. A genius.

Without a doubt, after helping him just once, she would be able to quickly alter it into a trap with a hundred percent accuracy, and cast it…

“…at. Hah.”

Immediately after I saw Ornest vanish in front of my eyes, I heard his laughter coming from somewhere else. Not only that, but it was right behind the Dullahan.

“Well done, bastard! You’re so good at reading people that it’s disgusting! Hey!”

He had already started the motion of swinging his black spear.


And while the Dullahan noticed him a moment later, the ice around its legs got in the way, delaying its reaction.
And then…

“It’s too late, idiot!!”

The attack was accompanied by an angry shout. It slammed into the Dullahan, who had not been able to get into a defensive stance, and sounds of fatal destruction echoed loudly.
The full-plated body flew into the air.
But it desperately extended its legs out, trying to catch hold of the ground and kill the momentum.


“Woah… Very impressive, Loki. It really went flying in the direction you said it would!”

It was as if he had known that Ornest would cut at the enemy while facing that area.

The Dullahan managed to stop right before it crashed into the wall, how there was now a woman standing in front of it. She was short, and laughed confidently… She must be one of the members from the S-Rank party, Reculoma.

She had the smile of an apex predator, and in her hand, she wielded a great sword, much like the one that the Dullahan was carrying.
And it was already raised in the air.

“Take this…!!!”

Without waiting for an answer, she swung down, cutting through the air.

It was an impressive attack for someone of her size. You would have thought that it would be enough to kill the Dullahan. However, she was someone who the Dullahan had fought before.
And so it had not lowered its guard for a second. It leaned on its right leg, which was encrusted in ice, and jumped out of the way.

“Hehe. Dulla here tends to instinctively dodge to the right. But Loki took that into account as well.”

However, the woman laughed as if this was completely expected.
The reason became obvious soon after.

Several magic circles were activated.


Even more magic traps had been set in the spot where the Dullahan had moved.

And just like before, they expanded with pale blue light under its feet, and ice began to crawl up its legs.

It realized it then.
That the real threat here was the bastard who kept reading his moves and luring him into traps.

He had to be dealt with first.


It was such a roar, that most would have felt a chill down their spine by just hearing it.
The numerous traps caused it to lose any patience, and the Dullahan was all murderous rage now.

It didn’t matter that its legs were covered in ice, it forced them to move.
And then, this time it charged towards a spot where there was nothing.

“…Well, you never get a lucky punch twice.”

Loki said bitterly.
The illusions would not work on the Dullahan now.

On top of that, after viciously charging in one direction, it suddenly made a sharp turn. And then it would go around towards a certain spot.
It was as if it knew that charging without thinking would just make it our prey once again.

And then, the Dullahan began to strike the empty air.
However, there was definitely a distortion becoming visible. The signs of an illusion.
Loki was probably there. And so the Dullahan had gone around.

And yet, it didn’t seem like he had any intention of running away.

Loki was just a support magician. It would be an instant death if he was hit directly by such an attack.


A final blow.
A powerful attack that made you think of death. It cut through the illusion like dust and then… And then…

“I forced myself to make one! Hehe. Hahahahahaha!!!”

He was supposed to be a support magician, but there was a sword in his hand, which had blocked the attack. There was a loud ring as sparks flew in every direction.


Whose exclamation of surprise was that?

Out of nowhere, Loki was holding a magic sword, and using it to block such a powerful attack.


And under his feet, the shadow of Yorha’s magic. So that was why. With it, if it was just one attack, he would be able to survive.

However, the deadlock did not last for long.
The blade started to crack and break. It was clear that he was losing in terms of power.
And yet…

“You stepped out in order to take me down, but the decision is going to make you cry!!”

Loki shouted.
It was clear that he was enjoying this from the bottom of his heart, and he continued to shout and mock the Dullahan.

The three magic circles that had immediately appeared under it when it stepped forward to kill Lokie.

“…Three Point Seal…!”

The words were the trigger.
All at once, the circles began to light up as the magic was activated.

And then it finally realized it.

That Loki was lying.

Carve away its mobility?
…No. That wasn’t his aim. In order to make it think that from the beginning, he had combined magic that looked like it would do that, and activated it so that only it was visible.
Yes, he was just shouting that he would do it.

Loki’s aim was the binding magic that had been hidden in the magic circles that were already activated… The Three Point Seal.

It was incredibly difficult to use, as the target had to step into all three points within a certain amount of time for it to activate.
But as severe as the requirements were, the effect was enormous.

And by the time the Dullahan understood this, it was already being assaulted by numerous white chains that stretched out from the magic circles.


As for Loki, he could not bear the weight of its blade any longer, and his body was thrown back.
He slammed into the wall. But even as he coughed out blood, he continued to shout as if he did not care.

“Hah. Now…! Preparations are finished!! Alec Ugritte, the floor is all yours!!”

That was the signal I had been waiting for.

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A Court Magician A Court Magician Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Aims To Become The Strongest After Being Banished Who Was Focused On Supportive Magic Because His Allies Were Too Weak

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