Ossan Boukensha – 88

Mountain Pass Crossing: C-Rank Party

Journeys on the main roads tended to come with difficulties.

A forest with lots of monsters, a vast desert, an old battlefield with undead.
And the hardship I could see up ahead now, was a particularly typical one.

“Mountain, huh…”

I couldn’t help but mutter aloud. That was how grand the scene before me was.
It was early summer, and yet the mountain peaks were still white with snow. An impressive mountain range indeed.
With the infamous Ranaz Mountain Range in front of me now, it was difficult to imagine myself actually crossing it.

“I want to cross the mountain on horseback. Do you know a good way to do that?”

There was a town at the foot of the Ranaz Mountain Range, Ranaleria. And so I went to the Adventurers Guild and asked for information at the reception counter.
The road was not just perilous by itself. There were many monsters. And the higher the altitude the more common harpies would be.
And while they were D-Rank when alone, they appeared in flocks. So trying to cross by yourself would be like asking to get killed.

“I would recommend that you go with a merchant caravan. There just happened to be one preparing to go next week. Why don’t you negotiate with them?”

“Ah. Can you tell me more?”

According to the receptionist, three merchant groups and hired Adventurers would travel together through the Pamar Mountain Pass, which was the lowest route through the Ranaz.
However, I could not just use the strategy of following them from behind. If I alone was separated from them, then the harpies would target me.

And so I went to the inn where White Snake Scale, the C-Rank party that was in charge of the caravan, was staying.

Normally, the guild would not give out information to other Adventurers. However, situations like this, where the success rate would rise with more personnel, were different.

The inn was called The Melted Snow Releria. And it was a log house-like building.

“Do you want a room? Or a meal?”

Asked one of the workers when I entered. Now that I thought about it, I hadn’t chosen an inn yet.

“That depends on how things go from here. Is Lodoz from White Snake Scale here?”

Upon hearing that, several people who were sitting around the same table, turned to look at me.

“I’m Lodoz of the White Snake Scale. What do you want?”

Said a large man with brown hair. So this was the leader of the party. I approached the table and showed them my Adventurers plate.

“I want to join the caravan party on horseback. I’m Ajifu, C-Rank. It’s just me.”

Lodoz’s eyes widened when he looked at the plate.

“Oh! Are you that wyvern slayer I’ve been hearing about? You’re younger than I expected. So, is it true? Are you good with fighting flying enemies?”

“No, I can only use a sword, unfortunately. So there’s nothing I can do when they are flying. But I should be able to manage if they are within range. Also, as an apprentice priest, I can help with healing magic.”

You had to keep the ‘apprentice’ title until your skill level reached 10. However, I probably had higher MP than most apprentices.

“Just with a sword, eh? Well, if you have your own horse and can use healing magic, then we will welcome you. Isn’t that right?”

The other members of White Snake Scale nodded. There were four men and one woman who were dressed in ordinary clothes. Also, there was one boy.

“Gunat. Go and call Mr. Mezart. Now, Ajifu. Don’t just stand there, have a seat.”

The beastkin man left his seat and went to the back of the inn. I then took a seat, and from there, we discussed the details.
I was introduced to Mr. Mezart, who was the merchant hiring them. After getting his permission, it was decided that I would join the caravan.
And since things had gone smoothly, I decided to stay at The Melted Snow Releria.

The reason that they didn’t depart immediately was due to merchants. And so I had to wait. But these days, where I had nothing to do during my travels, were rare. And so I decided to use my time doing maintenance on my equipment and tools, laundry, training, and shopping.

As I trained with my sword near the inn, I heard someone clapping, and so I stopped and turned my head.

“That was rather impressive. I now believe you really did defeat a wyvern in spite of having a prosthetic leg.”

The members of White Snake Scale were watching me. The one who had spoken was Jirot. A tall man with short blonde hair, and a C-Rank Adventurer. As he was a spear-wielder, he was thin, but well toned.

“Not really good enough to warrant an audience, though.”

I answered while wiping away the sweat.

“That is not true! It must be nice to be able to fight with a sword. Perhaps I will start training…”

Said the red-headed boy, Nalos, as he pretended to swing a sword. He was acting as the driver for White Snake Scale, while training to become an Adventurer.

“Oh? You have some nerve, Nalos. After I went out of my way to teach you to wield a spear. Alright, from today on, the amount of swings will be doubled.”

“No, that’s not what I meant, Jirot! Spears are great, I was just saying that swords were also good! Please forgive me!”

But Naros was dragged away by Jirot and forced to practice his swings.

“Well, he deserved that.”

Laughed the sole woman in the party. Her red hair was tied up, and she wore a fluffy hat that showed she was a priestess. She wielded shadow magic, and her name was Leliane. Apparently, she and Naros were siblings.

“You have a good party.”

As a lone traveler, such interactions were blindingly cheerful.

“We’re all from the city of Ranaronwa, which is on the other side of the Pamar Mountain Pass. And we’ve been friends since we were little.”

“Ah. Though, you seem quite varied in ages.”

“I joined afterwards, when I became a priestess. I am D-Rank, and Naros is F-Rank.”

“I’ll catch up to you in no time!”

Naros shouted from the back. But judging by what I could see of his spearmanship, it would take quite a long time.

“Now, I better do some training as well, so that I’m not surpassed either.”

“You do it quite passionately. In spite of being a priest?”

Leliane looked at me with exasperation.

“You need to be able to do everything when you travel alone. Besides, in a way, this can be considered praying.”

After all, that god gave me this life, and so I owed a debt. It was only natural for me to do my best.

“Is that so?”

“Well, everyone should do their own thing.”

I wonder if that god was watching me from some place now?

I looked up at the sky, but the only thing I could see was the blue sky and white clouds.

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