My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 359

Katana Training

“Hmm, you think so? But I was moving rather slowly…”
“Your Grace, I think you must teach them the basics of the katana first. Perhaps they do not even understand the difference.”

Mr. Ekenhart was puzzled at our reaction.
And so Sebastian explained it to him, while Tilura and I nodded in agreement.

“I see… Very well. In that case, we’ll start with the grip. Unlike with swords…”

He finally decided to teach us the basics, so we could actually feel the difference for ourselves.
Of course, the gripping and swinging was not all that different. However, whereas a short sword was usually used to push while cutting, a katana was pulled while cutting.
That was why the blade was curved.
Also, what we were being taught was not the same swordsmanship taught in Japan, but the kind that was developed in this world, and so it actually suited me quite well.

I didn’t know if it was because of where I’m from, or that the katanas in this world just happened to be a good fit for me, but by the time the sun was starting to set, even Mr. Ekenhart was impressed with how I was able to swing it.
Though, I was still not able to move in the way that they had during the test battle.
I suppose it was because I had the groundwork, after training so much with the other sword.
If I hadn’t trained at all, it would have taken a lot longer.

As for Tilura, while she tried using it a little, she did not take to it at all. And returned to her usual sword immediately after.
Mr. Ekenhart seemed a little shocked that Tilura had no intention of learning to use a sword that he had mastered.
Apparently, Mr. Ekenhart was actually better with the katana, and that was what he used in more serious fights.

“Still, I am surprised that these exist in this world.”
“Hmm? So you knew about them, Mr. Takumi? Well, you did seem a little surprised earlier.”

After the training was finished, I sheathed the katana again and wiped the sweat on my face with a towel.
Not just this mansion, but Ractos and Range village were all built in a western style.
And the culture was also similar as well, so I didn’t think there would be a katana here.
All of the swords I had seen in Ractos were also western.

“Yes. In the world that I came from…it was more common. Though, by the time I was born, they had fallen out of use…”
“I see… So they do not even use such a wonderful blade…”

Well, we had guns now.
And while I wouldn’t say that blades were never used as weapons, most of the time it was just knives.
In the first place, there were laws that meant you couldn’t have guns and swords without special permission.

“I was just surprised because I hadn’t seen a sword like that since coming to this world.”
“I see. Hmm… In that case… Sebastian?”
“Yes. Lady Claire and Lady Anne have gone back into the house. I will tell Lady Tilura. As for Leo and Liza…”
“You can let Mr. Takumi handle that. Mr. Takumi, could you tell Liza and Leo to go back into the house?”
“Uh, of course…”

I didn’t know what was going to happen, but Mr. Ekenhart had called Sebastian as if he had an idea.

And so I did as he said and had Leo and Liza return to the house where they would wait in the dining hall until it was dinner time.
Liza looked a little worried, but Leo pulled her away by the sleeve… Liza seemed to find it amusing to be held up by the sleeve, and she started to laugh.
And then Tilura returned to the house with Sebastian.
As for the butlers who were watching the herbs, they also moved some distance away so that they could not hear anything.

What was so important about what we were going to discuss?
Surely nothing concerning the swords was that important…

“Regarding these blades, not a lot is known about them. If you are the head of a noble family, then some knowledge is passed down to you. But I cannot tell you about it.”

Well, it certainly did sound important.
Even the heads of noble houses did not know much, and could not share what little they had.

“So, it is kept a secret then?”
“Yes, that is right. I feel bad for saying this after showing them to you, but it concerns the royal family and the kingdom.”
“I see… So I suppose they are made in this country then?”
“Well, that much is obvious. The swords are made in the capital and nearby areas. The blacksmiths that make them then sell them to the royal family and nobles.”

Hmm. I had wondered if they were made in some eastern country and then they were imported, but they were actually made in this kingdom.
In that case, either someone with the skill came here, or they developed it on their own.
The latter seemed unlikely, but perhaps there was some reason for it.
In any case, if he could not talk about it, then there was no point in asking.
After all, knowing too much could put a target on my back, or put Mr. Ekenhart in an awkward position.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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