My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 384

We Decided to Check Her Magic Energy

“Reyndorf could defend himself, and the people of the slums knew that. And so none of them ever attacked Liza. But if he is gone…”
“Yes… When we found her, she was surrounded by several people and being bullied…”

I then told Ms. Isabelle about how things were when we found her, as well as what had just happened earlier.
While Ms. Isabelle scowled when she heard this, she also seemed to think that it was not that surprising, considering that Liza was a beastkin…
After all, people who have not been properly educated were more likely to believe rumors and have prejudices against beastkin.

Still, Ms. Isabelle had kind eyes when she talked about Liza. It was clear that she was quite fond of her.

“Papa. I’m all clean now! Thank you, grandmother!”
“Haha. I’m glad to see it.”
“I see.”

As I was talking with Ms. Isabelle, Liza returned from the back very cheerfully.
Ms. Lyra had helped her wash and dry off.

As for Ms. Isabelle, she just glanced at Liza and replied coolly.
Perhaps she was bashful.
Considering Ms. Isabelle’s age, Liza really was like a granddaughter to her… As I thought about this, I saw the corner of her mouth lift up.
So she was happy after all.

“Ehehe. Grandmother…”
“Oh? What is it? You didn’t act like such a pampered child before.”
“Yes. Papa and mama…And sister Claire told me. That I don’t need to bear anything.”
“I see…”

Liza had gone around the counter and thrown her arms around Ms. Isabelle.
Ms. Isabelle seemed a little surprised by this, but upon hearing Liza’s words, she smiled kindly.
It seemed like she understood what we had told Liza… That children shouldn’t hold back, and receive affection where it was given.

As Liza wagged her tail, Ms. Isabelle gently patted her on the head.
It was quite clear that she was used to it, and had been like this with Liza while Mr. Reyndorf was still alive.
They really did look like a grandmother and granddaughter.

“Yes, it is not a bad thing at all. But what do you mean, ‘papa and mama’? Don’t tell me that Lady Claire…”
“No, it is not I…”
“Haha. She is talking about Leo. Liza wanted to call her that, so I let her.”
“Ah, this Silver Fenrir. Well, Liza has sure found herself under the protection of a formidable guardian.”

While Ms. Isabelle was surprised that it was Leo who was Liza’s ‘mama,’ she also understood what kind of monster a Silver Fenrir was. And so she was happy to see that Liza was well protected.

“Mr. Takumi. Why don’t you use this opportunity to have Lady Liza’s magic energy checked?”
“Ah, that’s right. That is a good idea.”
“Check her magic energy?”

As I was talking with Liza and Ms. Isabelle, Mr. Lyra suddenly made a suggestion.
Now that I thought about it, previously, when Ms. Claire was teaching me magic, we had talked about Liza’s magic energy.
And so I had been considering having her checked by Ms. Isabelle.
Well, it was the perfect time. And I knew that it would not take long.

“I’m sorry to have to ask you to do another thing. But could you?”
“I don’t mind. It’s easy to prepare. Just wait here for one moment.”
“Aye, thank you. Would you mind if we put on some tea?”
“No, help yourself. But make some for me as well.”
“Yes, certainly.”

Ms. Isabelle immediately nodded and agreed to check Liza’s magic energy.
But as she let go of Liza and made to leave, Ms. Lyra called out to her.
As we were resting, and had not drank anything since lunch, she wanted to put on some tea.
And after getting her permission, Ms. Lyra headed to the back of the shop.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, I shall check your magic energy.”
“Did you never check it when she visited you before?”
“Reyndorf never asked me to do it. I think he was going to do it when Liza was a little older?”
“I suppose that makes sense.”

Back then, Liza would have been a lot younger.
She was still young now, and perhaps not the best age to start thinking about using magic.
But then again, if it was the level of magic that I was using, then it was simple stuff that would come in handy in day to day life.
Even Tilura seemed to have been taught magic for the first time recently, so perhaps they didn’t usually teach it to young children.

But I think it wasn’t that you couldn’t use magic at a young age, just that if you used it wrong, it could be dangerous.
Like if they misused fire magic in a house made of wood.
As for Ms. Lyra, after serving us all tea, she went outside to see Leo and the others.
Since she was carrying her bag, she was probably going to give Leo some milk.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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