My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 385

She Could Use A Different Kind Of Magic

“Liza. There is no need to think about anything. Just try placing your hand here.”
“Like this?”

Ms. Isabelle told Liza to place her hand on top of the crystal ball.
It was the same one she used when checking my Gift.

“Wow…it’s pretty…”

As Liza placed her hand on it, it began to blink red, and then a yellow light shone out from it.
It was a different color when I did it… Did it change depending on if you had the Gift or not?
Liza was quite impressed when she saw the crystal ball change color.
Indeed, it was quite pretty seeing the light emanating from the ball.
When I had done it, I was too busy thinking about the Gift, that I hadn’t taken any notice of it.

“Hmm. I see.”
“How is it, grandmother?”
“Ms. Isabelle?”
“Do not rush me. Hmm. Indeed…”

Ms. Isabelle stared into the crystal ball and nodded to herself. And so Liza and I couldn’t help but ask her about what she saw.
Liza had said that she wanted to use magic, and I was quite curious about her magic energy as well.
After thinking for a brief moment, Ms. Isabelle then raised her face towards us.

“Yes, you have magic energy, Liza.”
“It’s too early to celebrate. Though, I understand how you feel.”
“But what else is there to know?”

Could it be that Liza had the Gift as well?
But it was supposed to be incredibly rare. Only one person in a million might have it.
…But what else could there be?

“She has just as much magic energy as most people. Even more than Mr. Takumi.”
“Is that so?”
“Aye. That’s why it was blinking so much. That means you have a lot of magic energy.”

Now that I thought about it, it had been blinking more than it did when I touched it.
Of course, I didn’t remember it all too clearly.

“And the yellow light after that. It might be a small problem.”
“The yellow light?”
“It was so pretty!”

The light had been green when I did it.
What did it mean if it was yellow?

“Mr. Takumi’s was green, because of his Gift… This color shows the output of magic energy.”
“Even if you have a lot of magic energy, if the output is small, then you can not use powerful magic. It is the same the other way around as well. All of this affects the way you use magic… But Liza is a little special.”
“Special, you say?”
“Liza is special!”

What did that mean…
Liza herself seemed quite happy to be called that… Obviously, beastkin and humans were different. But aside from that, it was a good thing that she could be happy about any differences. At least, it wouldn’t be something that she troubles over in the future.

“It’s probably because she is beastkin. Though, I can’t say for sure. As this is the first time I’ve checked someone who isn’t human.”
“…So, what did you find out?”
“There is no problem in terms of the amount or output of magic energy… If anything, it is all quite food. However, I don’t know if she will be able to use the same magic as normal people. You can take your hand off now, Liza.”
“Is that so?”
“Hmm… Does that mean I can’t use magic?”

The difference between humans and beastkin were not just in appearance, but with the use of magic as well.
Ms. Claire furrowed her eyebrows and seemed to be thinking about it.
Liza removed her hand from the ball, but seemed to think that Ms. Isabelle was suggesting that she could not use magic, and so she looked a little disappointed.

“I’m not saying that you cannot use magic at all. However, you may not be able to use basic magic that humans often use… But I suppose there is magic that beastkin are good with. For instance, something like body strengthening magic?”
“Body strengthening magic…”
“Ah…because beastkin had superior physical ability…”
“Yes. It’s something that always comes up when discussing beastkin. They used to live in hunting tribes, and so they would strengthen their bodies to make fighting easier.”

As they used to hunt a lot, that meant they were quite active.
Unlike humans, who used tools…they probably hunted their prey by relying on their own strength.
And so they may have evolved to use magic to enhance their abilities.
While Liza was seven, she was able to do work that Milina or I found tiring, and she had done it multiple times without breaking a sweat.

There was no doubt that she had a lot of strength and stamina.
Ms. Isabelle suggested that they were specialized to use magic that enhanced their strengths even further. And it made sense.

“Well, it is merely my theory. Though, I think it is probably true. So it’s not that Liza can’t use magic, but that she is limited to what kind of magic she can use. She just needs to find it.”
“Find magic that I can use… Okay! But I don’t know how…”
“I’m sure that Lady Claire or Sebastian can help you there. Especially that old butler. He will probably do some research.”
“Ah… Haha. That’s true.”

Indeed, Sebastian was usually very interested in these sorts of subjects.
He would probably take the initiative, and then explain it to us later.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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