My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 386

She Was Happy About The Hat

“That’s right, Liza. Why don’t you try putting this on?”

After talking about the possibility of Liza using magic one day, we were about to leave Ms. Isabelle’s store when I remembered something.
It was the hat that Mr. Halton had made, so that Liza would allow her to cover her ears.
I had completely forgotten about it, due to the whole incident with Leo getting angry.
With this, she wouldn’t be recognized as a beatkin as quickly, and would attract less attention.

“See… How is it?”
“Hmm… My ears are a little itchy. But it’s cute!”
“Haha. I see. We’ll have to thank Mr. Halton.”
“It looks good on you, little Liza.”
“Yes, it is quite cute.”

I had put the hat on Liza’s head and buttoned the strap under her chin.
It seemed like the parts that covered her ears pressed them down a little, causing her to scowl a little. But she looked at her reflection in the crystal ball and smiled.
As she hadn’t changed her clothes yet, you could still see her tail. But once she changed, she would probably look like an ordinary girl.
Ms. Claire and Ms. Isabelle were also smiling and complimenting her.


Liza chuckled, a little bashful, but it was clear that she liked it. So it was a good thing we had bought it.

“Well, Ms. Isabelle. We will see you next time.”
“Goodbye, Isabelle.”
“Aye. Bring Liza with you, when you can stay longer.”
“Haha. Of course.”
“See you again, grandmother!”
“Aye, see you again.”

And then we left the store.
She was fond of Liza like she was a granddaughter, and so I was glad that we had come here.
Even with the previous incident, it was nice to see that there were people who did not have prejudices against her.
Also, I was glad that we had been able to hear more about Liza’s grandfather.

This grandfather… Reyndorf. Even though there was still a lot I didn’t know, I knew that he cared for her a great deal.
Liza hadn’t been able to tell me enough to get a good picture of him.
I just knew that he wasn’t a bad person.

“Mama! Look at this!”

After going outside, Liza immediately rushed up to Leo and showed off her new hat.
She had probably done the same with her clothes after leaving Mr. Halton’s store.

“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“Yes, it’s cute, isn’t? Papa bought it for me. Because it allows me to cover my ears.”
“Wuff! Wou?”
“Well, Mr. Halton is the one who prepared it.”

Leo nodded and agreed with Liza as she told her about the new hat.
Leo then barked to me as if saying, ‘well, that was quite perceptive of you.’
It sounded like she was saying that I usually was not so perceptive…
Though, perhaps she was right about that…

“Hehe… Hehe…”

Liza seemed very pleased as she rode on top of Leo, and we made our way to the west gate of Ractos.
The sun was starting to set, and it was getting dark, so we had to return to the mansion.

“Like this, you really cannot tell that she is a beastkin.”
“Indeed. And Liza’s tail is covered when she rides on Leo.”

I smiled and talked with Ms. Claire as we watched Liza.
Leo had such pretty and long fur, so Liza’s tail got buried in it and was concealed.
Besides, Leo was so big that I had to look up to see her face, so unless Liza raised her tail, it should be fine.
She just looked like an ordinary girl.

“Aside from the whole incident where she had a rock thrown at her face, it was a good thing you brought her.”
“Yes. We were able to talk about various things…and we found out that she is friends with Ms. Isabelle. I feel like I have grown closer to her.”
“Yes. Even at the mansion, she always seems a little reserved.”
“I don’t think she is used to having a lot of people be kind to her. She was even quite reserved with me, after all.”

I was able to see that at Mr. Halton and Mr. Haines’s stores.
It seemed like she had only really lowered her guard around Ms. Isabelle.
I did think that she was warming up to the people in the mansion, but the events in this town had probably helped.
When I thought about it like that, the whole incident and being hugged by Ms. Claire could be seen as a positive thing.
…Though, I still couldn’t forgive the person who had hurt Liza.

“Mr. Takumi. What will you do when the person who hurt Liza is arrested?”
“What do you mean?”
“Well, while I do think that such things happen because people don’t know about beastkin… I want to know how you would act, Mr. Takumi…”
“I see…”

Obviously, I couldn’t forgive someone who had thrown a rock at Liza and hurt her.
Even if I hadn’t witnessed the moment myself, just imagining it filled me with rage.
That being said, I didn’t think that merely dealing out a harsh punishment would solve everything.
The culprit was probably one of the people I had seen in the slums with Mr. Ekenhart.

The primary reason that people acted like that was because they had no knowledge about beastkin.
Living in the slums probably meant that their lives were probably miserable as well. And so she was an easy target.
In any case, I felt like it might be wrong to just punish people who are ignorant.
Well, not harshly punished. But they should still be punished to some degree.

I suppose it was also because the culprit was quite young…
I didn’t know his exact age, but he seemed like junior highschool age… Definitely a teenager.
You could say he was still a child.
Someone that age would still not have left the orphanage yet if they lived there.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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