My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 387

Liza Had a Strange Idea

“Indeed… The first thing to do is to catch them and make them repent. After that, they must apologize to Liza and be properly educated about beastkin. And they will do volunteer work and have their progress monitored… I suppose.”
“That is all?”
“It might be rather lax, but I feel it may be more effective…”

Well, I was sure that plenty of people would say that I was being naive…
However, if none of that worked, and he continued to be prejudiced against beastkin, then he could just be punished in some other way.
But it seemed fine to be merciful on the condition that he repent and try to reform.
Obviously, this didn’t apply to murder or other more serious crimes.

Speaking of which, I had no sympathy or desire to show mercy to the merchants who had set the orcs on Range village.
As for them, I was sure that Sebastian and Mr. Ekenhart had ensured that they were punished severely.
And though she hadn’t done anything directly, and was not involved in the plot, I still felt that Ms. Anne owed the people of Range village an apology.
That was something I would have to discuss with Mr. Ekenhart, but those people had suffered from the damage to their wine, as well as the illness.
Even if Ms. Anne was not charged with any crime, she had been part of the reason it happened, and that needed to be resolved.

“Very well. Once the culprit is arrested, I will consider what you have said just now.”
“Though, maybe I am being too soft…”
Perhaps I had no right to be acting so magnanimously like this… I thought with an awkward chuckle.
But then again, Ms. Claire would probably not do everything as I said, but just use it as a starting point.

“Mama! Faster!”
“Wuff! Wuff!”
“Hey, Liza. We don’t want to leave the carriage behind, so we can’t go any faster, okay? Leo. Make sure that you don’t lose sight of the carriage.”

After leaving Ractos, we started on our way back to the mansion. It was then that Liza got excited and started to tell Leo to run faster.
Leo was ready to run faster if it would make Liza happy, so I had to warn her to maintain her current speed.
Ms. Claire and the others would worry if we moved too far from them.
Well, maybe they were more likely to sulk about it…

Regardless, I understood why they wanted to return quickly.
It was getting quite dark, and Tilura was probably waiting for us.
Now that I thought about it, Mr. Ekenhart and Sebastian had something they wanted to discuss with me… I wonder what it could be…?
I also had to check up on the herbs and then there was my sword training.

“But it’s funner when you go fast!”
“While going fast is easy for Leo, it’s a lot harder for the horses who have to pull a carriage.”
“Then why doesn’t mama pull the carriage?”
“Uh, I don’t know about that…”

Liza turned to look at the horses and then had the idea that Leo should pull it.
Indeed, you wouldn’t have to worry about falling off of her back, and it would still be faster than a carriage… But I wasn’t sure how Leo would feel about it.
A dog-drawn carriage… Or wolf-drawn?
Well, there were sleds that were pulled by dogs…in countries with a lot of snow.

In any case, Liza clearly had no reserve with Leo, since she treated her like a horse in spite of calling her mother.
Well, she is a beastkin, and children are more carefree about such things, I suppose.
…Even though she wouldn’t be able to run as fast, we would still be able to travel in larger numbers, so perhaps it was worth considering?
But then again, Leo seemed to like carrying people on her back.
As I thought of such things, we arrived at the mansion.

“Welcome back, everyone.”

The servants greeted us at the door, just as they always did.
Liza still looked a little startled whenever they did this. But she would get used to it eventually…

“Well, see you at dinner time, Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes. I’ll drop off everything in my room then.”

We separated from Ms. Claire and Ms. Lyra at the entrance hall and returned once to my room.
As for Leo’s feet, Liza enjoyed wiping them.
Leo was used to it now, and it didn’t seem to tickle as much as before.

“Liza. I’ll put your clothes here, okay?”
“Yes. Thank you, papa! I’ll put this in too!”

I put Liza’s newly bought clothes into a drawer that was in the room.
While some of my clothes were inside, there was still plenty of room left.
Eventually, it may become filled with Liza’s clothes… But first, I had to think about the herb fields in Range village.

“Now, let’s go to the dining hall. I’m sure you’re hungry now?”

We put the clothes away, and headed towards the dining hall.
While we had a late lunch, Liza and Leo were quite hungry, and looking forward to dinner.

“Mr. Ekenhart, we have returned.”
“Mmm, Mr. Takumi. Welcome back… What an ordeal, eh?”
“Ah, so you heard about what happened?”
“Aye. Nicholas sent a message ahead. And so I’ve heard about the incident.”
“I was just explaining the rest to him now.”

We entered the dining hall and I greeted Mr. Ekenhart before taking my usual seat.
Tilura and Ms. Anne were already seated, and Sebastian and Ms. Claire had told them about what happened.
I didn’t know that Nicholas had sent a message…
Well, the town was quite close, and since it was related to Ms. Claire, it made sense for him to report it.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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