My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 407

I decided to cooperate with Leo and act

“As for this Deam person, even Mr. Ekenhart cannot solve the problem immediately. Though he is looking into it. So it may just be a matter of time.”
“Still, we cannot take Liza to town easily until he is caught, right? And I want her to be able to have fun there without worrying about being pelted with rocks. She should be able to play with the children at the orphanage, and buy things that she wants, and eat at the food stalls.”
“But if Deam is still there, then she might be targeted again. …Not to mention, it is not as if the people will change immediately. It will take some time. And so…”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff? …Wou!”

And so we talked about making things safer for Liza.
Once Leo heard about Deam, she became quite enthusiastic.

“Even if we can’t do it immediately…I want to do something. Will you help me, Leo?”
“Wuff-wuff. Wuff! Wou?”
“Haha. I see. Thank you.”

Leo barked and agreed to help.
If anything, it sounded like she meant to act, whether I did anything or not.
But if I just left it to Leo, she might attack Ractos… So it was best that she helped me.
The old me….before I came to this world, might not have done anything.

It was through experiencing different things and meeting people here, that I had started to change.

“I’m back, papa!”
“Welcome back, Liza. Did you get clean?”
“Yes. Sister Lyra helped me!”
“I see. That’s good. Thank you, Ms. Lyra. By the way…there was one thing that I wanted to ask you.”
“Yes, what is it? …Though, I think I might know what it is.”
“You do?”
“You seemed to be thinking about something during dinner. And judging by what you spoke of earlier…”
“I suppose I am easy to read. In any case, could you take care of Liza tonight?”
“Papa? What happened?”

Apparently, Ms. Lyra knew what I was thinking about.
Leo knew as well. Was I really that easy to read?
Well, Leo and I had known each other for a long time. And as a servant, Ms. Lyra was very observant of others…I think.
Regardless, Liza then turned to me anxiously.

“It’s nothing, Liza. There is just something that I need to do now. I’ll be back soon.”
“Yes, really. I would never lead you here and go somewhere else, alright?”
“Okay… I believe you.”

Liza seemed to have sensed something by looking at me.
But when I looked her in the eye and explained it, she nodded and said that she trusted me.

“Very well. If Lady Liza is fine with it, I shall take care of her in your absence.”
“I’m sorry to ask you, after you had to stay up late last night as well…”
“No, I was given extra time to rest. Well, Lady Liza. I hope you don’t mind staying with me again?”
“I like Sister Lyra, because she is nice!”

Liza was quite fond of Ms. Lyra at this point.
And so she looked quite happy as she nodded in agreement.
She liked Ms. Claire and Ms. Anne as well…but she spent much more time with Ms. Lyra.

“Thank you, Lady Liza. Well, Mr. Takumi, I’m sure you have preparations to make, so I think we should move to a different room.”
“Yes, thank you.”

As Ms. Lyra left the room with Liza, Leo and I thanked her and bowed.


Since it was just Leo and me left, I started to prepare.
Leo also got up as if she were going to do something. But unlike me, she had nothing to carry.
I suppose she was just too anxious to wait quietly.
And so I ignored Leo as she paced back and forth, and I finished with my preparations.

“…I should take this, just in case.”

While packing, I picked up the katana that Mr. Ekenhart had given to me.
I doubted I would be in any danger with Leo there… But I thought back on Range village and the orcs, and decided to take it with me anyway.
I would use it if my usual sword happened to break.
It was night time and dark, so hardly anyone would see it… Though, I might have to apologize to Mr. Ekenhart later.

“Alright, Leo… Are you ready?”

Once I was finished, I called out to Leo, and we left the room.
Now, we will deal with the root of the problem of Liza’s troubles…!”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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