My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 409

Everyone knew

Sebastian had handed me metal crest that depicted a Silver Fenrir, much like the one that Ms. Claire had shown me before.
It would show that the duke vouched for the person who held it.
Sebastian also had a warning, which made sense.
And so I would not go around flashing it to everyone in the town.

“Also, this…”
“What is that?”

Sebastian then handed me a folded piece of paper.

“It contains a few locations where Deam has been sighted. So you may want to start with those areas. However…he is constantly on the move. There is no guarantee you will find him there.”
“I see… I will need to move quickly then.”
“Yes. Perhaps he moves between locations every day. So it would be best to check them all at once. Though, this information could be out of date…”
“Thanks. I’m sure it will help. And it is better than nothing.”
“Hoho. Well…I will leave it to you to find out how accurate it is.”

I had originally been thinking about searching over several days, but this alone should save me some time.
At worst, I would just have to rely on Leo’s sense of smell… But Leo didn’t know Deam’s scent.
…I really should plan better.
Being spontaneous could be a good thing, but I needed to be a little more thoughtful…

“Also… His Grace has given you his permission to use the katana.”

Said Sebastian as he glanced at my belt.
So even Mr. Ekenhart knew what I was going to do.
…I really wasn’t suited to any covert actions or secrets.

“I understand. Well, I don’t think I will actually have to use it.”
“Indeed. I hope that you will be careful. And I pray that you will not destroy Ractos.”
“Haha. I told you that I won’t do that. Well, then…”
“Yes, we await your safe return. Lady Claire will be quite impatient as well.”
“Ah… I see. I will be very careful then.”

I touched the sword at my belt and then nodded to Sebastian.
When he mentioned Ms. Claire, he had glanced behind him to the corner of the hall.
And when I turned to look, I saw a familiar figure hiding behind a pillar.

She probably thought that I couldn’t see her, but about half of her face was visible… She was not very good at hiding.
I thought with a smile, and then answered Sebastian in an extra loud voice before exiting from the door.
…Perhaps she avoided meeting me, because she wouldn’t be able to hold back the urge to try and stop me from going…
She worried more than the others, after all.
She was the kind of person who was more concerned with others in danger, then in being in danger herself.

“Ah, that’s right…”

Just as I was leaving, I remembered something and stopped.

“Sebastian. Could you prepare some sausages for when we get back? I think that Leo will be hungry.”
“Wuff!? Wuff-wuff!”
“Certainly. I will prepare as much as we can…”
“Haha. Well, not too much. I don’t want her to overeat either…”

Leo wagged her tail happily as she listened to us.
While that was nice, her tail would slam into my side, and it hurt a little. So I wanted her to calm down.
Well, since Leo would be working hard tonight, it was only right to reward her this much.

With that in mind, and taking note of the person nodding behind the pillar, I smiled and left.
Sebastian bowed deeply as he saw me off.
Okay Leo, you can stop wagging your tail so much…

“Alright, Leo. You can run a little faster now. We want to be quick, so the others won’t worry. Besides, there is the sausages…”

Leo answered enthusiastically.
Was it because of the sausages, or the people waiting… I hoped that the sausages weren’t her only motivation.
In any case, after leaving the mansion, I immediately climbed onto Leo’s back and we headed towards Ractos.
I put away the crest and the map so that I wouldn’t drop them.

Leo was running at a speed that was slightly slower than when we had rushed to Range village.
However, I still had to hold on, or it would be dangerous.
She would not run this fast when carrying Tilura or Liza.

“So everyone knew after all. Well, perhaps Sebastian went around and told them…”

I muttered to myself, and then Leo reacted.
I was surprised she could hear me through all of the win. I suppose Leo’s ears were special.
And as I talked to Leo, I felt grateful towards the people of the mansion for not trying to stop me.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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    • I was surprised she could hear me through all of the win.
      win –> wind
      I’m not sure either if “all of the wind” is a common expression. “All that wind” is rather colloquial though.

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