Paintbrush Summoner – 19

Chapter 19 – Divine Beast Creation

Menew went outside, and immediately enlarged Stan and flew up into the sky.

People were searching on the ground. In that case, he should try a different approach.

Up in the air, he would search for Cheeta’s presence, and figure out a general direction.

As he would attract attention, Menew rose high until he was above the clouds.

And with wind magic, he reduced the wind pressure and air resistance around him to 0.

While he was flying towards the presence, it did not seem to be too far away.

There was a small cottage.

It had been built and abandoned halfway up one of the mountains that loomed behind the Harness mansion.

He descended in order to get a closer look. It was a ruin, with a roof that was rotting. And he could sense Cheeta’s presence coming from it.

“You could escape notice if you hit your footsteps…”

It had been abandoned long enough to end up in that state, so there was not even an animal trail leading to it.

No one would even notice that it was there.

Of course, there was a search party in the mountain, but it was unlikely that they would find this place on foot.

(I don’t want to hurt Valette by accident…)

He thought about just using Divine Beast Creation on Cheeta now, but it was possible that the cabin would collapse.

Valette was likely unable to move. And so she might get injured.

(In that case, this is the only way.)

Menew rushed towards the cabin on Stan, and then jumped off right next to it.

“Wh-who are you!”

One of the culprits showed his face, clearly alarmed by the sudden sound of wind and the shaking of the building.

Menew did not recognize him.

“Hello. I am a friend of Valette’s.”

He said casually, as if that explained everything, and he would not listen to any objections. Then Menew rushed towards the man and knocked him down with one movement of his arm.

This wasn’t an imitation like before. He had learned real techniques from people with such skills.

At this point, Menew did not care about being seen.

As long as Valette was not hurt, it was fine.

He would suppress them before they could harm her.

And so he rushed.

At a speed that the average person could not see. He accelerated like controlling time.

Valette was in the back room of the cottage. There were only two rooms to begin with, and so Menew suppressed the place within a minute of landing.

He removed the gag from Valette.


“I came for you. Let’s go back”

“N-no-no! You must run!”


There was no time to even finish his words.

As soon as he sensed the presence, he picked up Valette, tore through the walls of the cabin, and rolled outside. It was a good thing that the walls were rotted.

And in the place where Menew had been standing, there was now a single ogre.

A purple sword was hanging from its right arm. It seemed to be eating into the ogre, making them into one body.

The last time Menew had seen him, he had been beautiful. But now…

The horrifying veins that bulged from its arm spread out all the way to his face.

His muscles were swollen and twisted as they assimilated into the armor.

But what was most notable was the malicious expression.

Sir Ralph, the young knight who led the Knights Guild.

“I was waiting for you…”

“Waiting? But we’ve never spoken before?”

“Exactly! You! You are in my way! I’ll kill you!”


None of it made any sense to Menew.

However, this did explain why there had been now ransom.

This man must be the person behind it. So he had abducted Valette in order to lure Menew here.

Knights were not allowed to fight duels, and so this had to take place in a secluded area. A place that could only be found from the sky.

(Ah, this is unforgivable.)

Something inside of Menew snapped.

He ignored the man in front of him and quickly untied the ropes that bound Valette. And then he put the silver clasp around Cheeta’s foot.

“What are you doing… I’ll kill you…”

Sir Ralph was clearly not capable of thinking logically. Menew continued to work without paying him any mind.

He knew that Sir Raph could not move.

And so he held his hand over Cheeta.

And imagined.

A powerful blue bird that could protect her from anything.


Cheeta shone brightly. And then a peacock-like bird with a long, beautiful tail was flying above their heads.

Even Sir Ralph was looking up dumbfounded.

“Valette, you go on ahead. Your father is worried.”


“It’s fine. Cheeta will be with you.”

Valette looked up at the blue bird that landed next to her. It looked back at her with intelligent eyes.

It was very calm, quite unlike the jealous little bird it had once been.

As Cheeta had spread out its wings, I placed Valette on its back.

“Cheeta will shrink down when you will it. Now, return to the house.”

“Sir Menew. You…”

“I’ll be fine. This won’t take long.”

Menew looked at the blue bird as it rose into the air, and waved with a smile.

Sir Ralph seemed to be forgotten.

He did not move. Because he could not move.

Stan was looking at him from the sky. As if he was prey.

In spite of his stats, he was no Hero. And now he was cursed by a sword.

Stan was a divine beast. Created as an embodiment of a god, and a powerful being. Humans were just weaklings in front of him.

And Menew just happened to have complete control of Stan.

There was no escape. Sir Ralph knew that if he moved, he would be eaten in an instant.

(I could just let Stan eat him, but even that seems too kind.)

Menew sighed and put his hand in his pouch.

And then, instead of his usual brush and sketchbook…

He pulled out the dagger that he had first acquired in this world.

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Anything Could Be Manifested Efude no Shoukanjutsushi - Kamieshi ga egaitara nandemo gugenka dekimashita- Paintbrush Summoner: When the God Artist Painted

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  1. He seems to have finally decided that violence is the only answer to this situation…

    The question, then, is whether or not he is willing to kill to protect those things that matter most to him.

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