Paintbrush Summoner – 20

Chapter 20 – Unforgivable One

Menew was angry. He felt the rage to his very core.

First, he did not know the reason. They had bumped into each other once in the town. That was all.

How did that result in abducting Valette and a murder attempt?

And then there was the method.

A practice battle in the Adventurers Guild would not be counted as a private duel. And so he could have just beaten Menew into a pulp and called it training. Menew would not have harbored a grudge.

And yet this Sir Ralph, had taken the first friend he made in this world, and used her as bait.

Just to lure Menew out, she had to experience the fear of being bound and abducted.

“It’s all so ridiculous…”

Menew pulled the blade from its sheath.

This short sword had been made by a god. It could not be replicated in this world. It was a unique weapon. And it would cut anything that Menew wanted.

“Shut up! Unbind this evil curse!”

Hearing the request of Sir Ralph, who still could not move, Menew made Stan land on the roof, where there was a pillar that seemed durable.

It was impressive that he could still threaten to kill Menew, when he could not escape Stan’s eyes. He really was mad.

Immediately after, Sir Ralph was able to move again.

He had thought about taunting him while bound, but that was not enough.

The third thing he had learned during his studies.

By combining Manifestation of all Things and the Growth Support skills, Menew could take things he drew or wrote and incorporate them into his own body.

Furthermore, the knowledge and experience gained through controlling time would multiply by a hundred than the actual time that elapsed.

He read every book in Harnes’s mansion as well as the church, and learned new skills from the Adventurers.

He did not stop thinking until making that discovery. That led to Menew’s growth.

On top of that, through Magic Creation magic, Menew was able to do Enchants.

He added Search to both eyes. A black magic circle appeared in front of Menew’s eyes, and were sucked in.

The man who ran towards him wielding a sword… He searched for Sir Ralph, and letters appeared in his head.

‘Abnormal Status – Demon Sword Possession,’ and ‘Jealousy’ were the skills in effect. There were also others like ‘Body Enhancement’ and ‘Sword Fiend,’ but those were not a problem.


He could not understand that either.

“I’ll kill! Kill!”

With short sword in hand, he relaxed his eyes and parried the sword that slashed at him wildly.

It was then that Search displayed, ‘Cut off right arm to return to normal.’ Apparently, that was how you deactivated the demon sword.

“It’s inconvenient if you can’t talk!”

Their swords clashed and sparks flew. Menew then pressed in and swung, cutting off Sir Ralph’s arms at the shoulder.

The arm fell to the ground, but continued to move. However, Stan swooped down and picked it up before returning to the roof.

What would he do with it… Menew decided to not think about that. There were things in this world that it was best to stay ignorant of.

Still, things had been settled in an instant. Menew had won.


Sir Ralph fell heavily to his knees and held his shoulder. However, he was not bleeding.

And from the stump, a new arm grew out immediately. There was no arm or cloth covering it. It was completely new.

What Menew had cut was the jealousy, that was all.

Sir Ralph was looking at the arm with a stunned expression. He moved his hand, clenching and unclenching. He could move it freely. It was real.

“So, sir knight. Are you going to give me an explanation?”

Menew walked towards Sir Ralph and used the flat of his blade to raise the knight’s head. And while his mouth was smiling, his eyes were not.

Now that the jealousy was cut away, the man was silent, and looked away.

According to him, he really did feel pure jealousy. However, it now felt like a distant memory.

Sir Ralph…Ralph, had been considered a genius who could do anything from a young age. Thanks to that, his status continued to grow, and he reached three digits in no time.

He was educated as a noble, and had always believed that this would make him a Hero.

With this belief, he continued to train and study, becoming a knight as part of his journey to being a Hero. And he even rose to the top of the Knights Guild.

And it had just been on his annual patrol of this town, that the giant troll appeared.

Giant trolls were strong and had tough skin. Even Heroes took time to slay such monsters. And so he took his weapon and went to the gate in order to defeat it.

And then he saw it defeated with one attack.

On the following day, I summoned a Divine Beast and attracted more attention in the town. And so Ralph’s jealousy grew even more.

He then investigated Menew, and discovered that he was a man who lost his memory during his travels, and was ignorant of the most basic things.

Ralph had worked hard for his goal, instead of relying solely on his gifts. And yet someone had suddenly appeared who seemed to exceed even the Heroes. Perhaps it was no surprise he would resent it.

It would be one thing if it was a proper Hero. But this man was learning basic fighting techniques from Adventurers at the guild. It must have been very aggravating.

(Yes, there are people like that. Good artists without much experience… Thankfully, they usually end up in some other profession. But even I sometimes wondered why I had put so much effort into it…)

And it was while he was consumed with jealousy, that the demon sword arrived. And though he was sure that he could use his skills to control it, the Jealous skill suddenly activated.

Apparently, it branched out from a skill that was supposed to allow you to wield a sword as if it was a part of your body.

“I see…”

“Not only is it against the conduct of a knight, but a human being. I am sorry. I shall resign from my post and go back to my training.”

“Hmm. Well, I am sorry as well. Though I didn’t know, I feel bad about it.”

The nun had warned him about this. That people would resent him. And she was right.

This meant that he had to be more thoughtful of his influence. He carved those words in his heart once again.

He was not as aware of his surroundings as he should have been. Stories of other worlds had been popular in his past life. So perhaps there was a part of him that did not think of this as being completely ‘real.’

He could not offer an explanation about his reincarnation bonuses. And so he thought of something he could say to satisfy Ralph.

“Well, what do you mean, train again?”

“I think I shall go on a journey. Find a master who I can train under…”

“Then, why not come with me?”


Menew sat down on the ground.

Behind Ralph, the others who carried out the crime were trying to escape from the building, but Stan glared at them, and they stopped.

“I lost my memory and can’t use my summoning arts very well. And so I want to travel around the world while making contracts with divine and magic beasts, and meet Heroes… By traveling, I want to become a proper Summoner again.”

A Beast Summoning Master.

“You want to train again, right? My journey will not be an easy one… What do you say?”

Menew offered his right hand.

Somehow, he felt sure that the man would agree to it.

“…Meet Heroes and divine beasts? …Hehe. I thought that everything you do was extreme, but the things you say are extreme as well. Very well, I accept!”

Ralph put his right hand on top of Menew’s right hand.

And then Stan spat something out.

It was the demon sword.

He still had no idea what happened to the arm.

Ralph hesitantly picked it up, but this time, it did not eat into his arm.

“Now, I’ll help with your equipment later. But for now, go and eat some terrible food!”


‘There he is!’ came the voices from behind. Quite some time had passed since Valette left.

Menew was satisfied with the explanation. And cutting off the arm had made him feel a little better.

“It was the demon sword’s fault, it could not be controlled. That should help make them more lenient. You should live for a week with your pride destroyed, and then we’ll go on a journey.”

The responsibility was a different matter.

Ralph looked exasperated, and let out a sigh.


A graceful reply.

Menew was a little worried about someone of Ralph’s upbringing in prison, but the man still had three digits.

So he would surely be able to survive and come out in one piece.

And so Menew handed Ralph and the others to the soldiers, and watched as they were taken away. And then he climbed onto Stan and returned to the Harnes mansion.

For now, he wanted to celebrate Valette’s safe return.

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  1. I think that’s a good compromise between the two possible template endings of but I can’t kill him he’ll be a slave for life and well I guess I must kill even though my culture doesn’t like it. It was reasonable to see that he had negative emotions that had been exacerbated by a demon sword which he obtained through arrogance.

    • There’ll probably be some upset Ralph wasn’t killed but I can see this compromise as a good one. Ralph is technically a good person and jealous isn’t something you’ll know unless you encounter it (I’d think).

      I’m sure I’ve been (slightly) jealous of others before but luckily, I didn’t really work hard towards what I was jealous of. Ralph gets a second chance to become a better person that he was already going to be if not for the jealousy that corrupted him.

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