Royal Magician – 169

Chapter 169 – Epilogue 4

After being discharged from the hospital, I spent the whole day rolling around on my bed and reading the magic books that had piled up. It was a long break that I fully enjoyed before returning to work.

While playing and sleeping are nice, magic is still number one for me.

(A job where I can use magic…! Ah, I’m so happy…!)

I smiled while repairing the magical tools used during the expedition.

“You really do love it. It’s gone from quirky to deviant.”
“Heh. I will take that as a compliment.”

As I was talking happily, Luke came over to call me.

“Noelle. They’re calling for a gathering.”

What did he mean? I wondered as I followed Luke.

I was brought to the central control conference room.

“Ah! Not a meeting…!”
“Why do you look like you’re facing a mortal enemy?”
“Because it is an enemy for someone like me, who doesn’t know anything about manners. Just thinking about how I cannot fail makes me nervous, and things never go well.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you failed. It’s amusing.”

Grr… He saw his chance to tease me and he took it. What a mean bastard.

And while I glared at Luke hatefully, being a working adult meant doing your best at things that you weren’t fond of.

And so I took in a deep breath to calm myself, and stepped into the room.

Inside were the six Magus-rank magicians.

Captain Ernest, who was the highest-ranking magician, took the center, while the other captains stood on both sides.

Captain Vicente smiled and waved when he saw me.

(Uh, I’m a little too nervous to respond to that…!)

While I felt frantic, I used all of my power to pretend that I was calm.

(It’s fine. I am cool. I am wise, dashing, and have an amazing figure. My manners are perfect. I am invincible.)

I told myself this as I followed Luke.
The air felt quite tense.
And then Captain Erenst quietly opened his mouth.

“First, Noelle Springfield.”

It was an important meeting, but there was already an unfortunate girl who couldn’t even answer properly.
Oh, it was me.

“…Splendid work. You will be given special compensation and a reward.”

Captain Ernest said in an emotionless voice.

“Thank you.”

I answered in a calm voice and bowed.
And then I stood next to Luke.

(Nothing happened. Yes, it was fine. Good!)

I erased anything inconvenient from my memory, and the meeting continued.

“Next, in regards to the Royal Magicians Order 7th unit that will be established. We have decided to make a test unit in order to deal with the changing world and crimes related to magic. It will be much smaller in scale compared to the other units, but it could expand, depending on how things go.”

(So there will be a new unit.)

Technological advancements were changing the world, and so it was also necessary for the Royal Magicians Order to change with the times.

And so it was with some excitement that I listened and wondered what kind of unit it would be.

“And we have decided that Luke Waldstein will be leading this unit as captain.”


My mind went blank.

(Luke is going to be captain…? But what about the 3rd unit? Will we still be buddies?)

I could not quite grasp what was happening in front of me.

With a feeling of confusion, I looked up at Luke. But he was just staring up ahead.

He was trying to move forward.

The truth shook me violently.

No, I really shouldn’t be surprised.

It was obvious that things could not remain the same for long.

However, without realizing it, I had somehow expected it to keep going.

I was supposed to have known better, and yet…

I stood there, stunned..
Just then, I heard the sound of a door opening behind me.

There was something different about that sound, like it had a unique depth and ring to it.

As if it was coming from somewhere else. A different and far off world.

And then there were numerous footsteps approaching.
The man who had appeared while being accompanied by the elite Kingsguard had golden hair.

The crown prince, Michael Ardenfeld.

His handsome face was like a work of art, or something not of this world. He had that kind of unreal air around him.

“I have visited because there is something that I wish to say. I hope you do not mind?”
“Not at all. Though, there is pressing work to do, so it must be brief.”
“Of course. My apologies, it will be short.”

And the prince said,

“I am thinking of welcoming Noelle Springfield of the 3rd unit, to the Kingsguard as the head magician. And as soon as possible. Preferably, next month.”


I could not understand what he was saying at all.

(Head magician at the Kingsguard? Me? But why?)

As I looked confused, the prince smile and said,

“I hope you will consider it.”
“Please wait.”

A quiet and calm voice echoed next to me.
That familiar voice I knew so well.

“Each captain has the right to choose their vice-captain. And the 7th unit should be no exception.”

I had a feeling that there was some anger behind his words.

“As the captain of the 7th unit, I appoint my buddy, Noelle Springfield as my vice-captain.”

The air was tense.
The blue eyes met the golden eyes.

(Head magician!? Vice-captain!? Me!?)

As I gazed up at the two of them, I found myself clutching my head in bewilderment.

Dear mother, waiting at home for me.
While I am supposed to be still getting started as a Royal Magician, things seem to be moving in a completely unexpected direction.

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